Make Chatbots to replace your regular old webforms

Vinit Agrawal13Co-Founder at Tars (HelloTars.com) · Edited
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Hey Tarek, We Launched our Product here in Feb and got some 850+ upvotes and ended up in the Top-5 Products for that Day. That means that we then got featured in PH's newsletter, which reaches a whole lot more people than those who regularly check PH. So in essence, you want to be in the Top 5 Products for that day. That means, you have to optimize the time when you post the Product. That is not as simple as posting it as early in the day as possible. As what you also want, is good number of initial upvotes, so your product jumps to the first page, and get more visibility and therefore more upvotes (hopefully) Pick a day which is not crowded by other Big Brand Product Launches here. People seems to suggest Wednesdays and Thursdays are a good day to post. Check more on that. You want to to get hunted by someone Big here in the community. Check this site and start reaching out to some of them: http://500hunters.com/ you can simply drop them a mail, or tweet in their direction. Someone Big in the community, means someone with good number of followers, that means things they hunt will get more visibility and hence more upvotes. They can also suggest you a good time to post. Now on the day of the post, bring in the power of your personal network with full force. Friends, Families, Fans, users, customers, Ex-colleagues, VCs that rejected you, high school friends that you last talked on the final exam day. Be totally shameless in asking them to making a freaking account here on PH (if they haven't already) and upvote. We actually went through our Whole WhatsApp contacts and messaged every single one of them. And later on when we succeeded, we notified them too that what their efforts helped us achieve. Funny thing is When you ask friends to do that, they will say Sure, ofcourse. But they will then forget, because they have their own life to live. Now we were so ruthless that we actually went through the list of people who upvoted on our product, cross-matched it with people who we messaged, and reminded them again after few hours. Now i am not sure if you want to be this Savage, but i am telling you what we did. Also, try to avoid getting upvotes from co-workers, or co-working space co-workers. I think PH tracks IP and upvotes coming from the same network gets penalized.you will get the upvotes but you will rank lower. Now, when asking friends and fans it is usually suggested to ask them to go to PH main site, find your product and them upvote. We knew that nobody is gonna do all that stuff, so we just shared the direct link, and it worked nicely. Now the reason you want as many upvotes as possible (from different networks i.e. IPs) is so your product gets on the first page and the PH regulars can see it upfront. So that they can check it out and upvote. What else... Yeah, we actually did one more thing. We have a paid SaaS product and we released a special Deal only for people coming from PH and we gave like 95% discount for them. People coming from PH are Early Adopters in true sense, and you want to bring them to your platform. They have immense value to offer to your product. We made a custom page for PH, and posted the link for that page on PH instead. But it is good idea to post the link of your main site and not some page in it. We did not use this, but you use a tool like IntroBar to Greet PHers in a special way and you can showcase any Deal going for them within this. Check this out: https://www.producthunt.com/post... Yeah, you can put the link of your PH page to you most high traffic pages/articles and ask your user's to go and upvote there. Maybe you can incentive them there itself, with the Special Deal for people coming from PH. since your's is a Social Network i think there is lot of scope for this traffic routing. Also, we missed this one. If you have a newsletter going on, sync your newsletter on the same day and make a copy for this whole purpose itself. bring some of your loyal newsletter subscribers to PH and show them the magical world of PH. That itself is a big value add. Telling them about this awesome site called ProductHunt. What else... That's pretty much it. Go one day with less sleep. reach out to people and ask them to upvote. If anything gets screwed up, don't worry. learn from what went wrong and you can do it again in few months, with some other good feature release in the product. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments. Good Luck :) [Update] One more thing. See if you can use a catchy GIF for your product thumbnail. We got a good image, but i think a good GIF would be better.