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What is the best service for daily writing prompts?

I'm looking for a service that recommends writing prompts
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    Daily Page

    A tool for writing daily. Become a better writer.

    KateMarketer; prev Product Hunt, GitHub · Written
    Daily Page is my favorite writing prompt service. Little prompts are emailed every day and directs you to a beautiful online writing platform to complete it. They also show a little calendar, so if you want to "skip around" a bit and answer different prompts, you can.
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  2. Writing prompts are better written by yourself, of course. After all, no one else can express your own thoughts and ideas than yourself. But if you’re struggling to express it in writing, you can get the help of a pro from EduBirdie: https://www.ihatewritingessays.c.... Writing is their strength and they’ve helped a lot of sudents with their writing prompts.
  3. Difficult to say about the best one, but I know a couple of resources that I am using when I need an essay. I mean that I understand that there are times when you can’t manage everything. All those texts, essays, exams and so on. That is why I think that we need services like https://essay-writing-services.r... . Not only those students who don’t like writing but everyone. There are times when we need help. And those guys there for us to be ready
  4. Great pick , but also you can write yoursel or also go for there are writers that can write for you