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    Inbox by Google

    Next generation inbox

    Ayush Mittal
    Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications · Written
    Google Trends helps when we have to look beyond digital marketing. You can also have weekly subscriptions for different topics set in Google Trends.
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    Google Meet Hardware Series One

    Google hardware for meeting rooms

    Ayush Mittal
    Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications · Written
    We do a lot of startup research spanning across digital verticals and we definitely exploit Google research tools. Think with Google helps us to explore insights, trends and research in digital marketing, especially consumer behaviour and trends. Following are the subs - 1. Google shopping insights - explore trends and popularity of products 2. Customer journey - how marketing channels influence the purchase decision 3. Consumer Barometer - how people use the Internet across the world. 4. Correlate - find search patterns
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    Abhilash Jain
    Abhilash JainCustomer Success / Growth · Written
    This is such an important resource, the best part is it's absolutely free. There ae other alternatives as well such as Crunchbase, Mattermark but Owler and Google Trends is my go to for market research.
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    Easily recruit & manage research participants for studies

    Luke K. Freeman
    Luke K. FreemanCEO at Positly | ex-Marketing @ Sendle · Written
    Luke K. Freeman made this product
    There's a bunch of different elements baked into studying a market. This should start with your goals such as determining product market fit or understanding market sizing. Once you design your study then it's key to get an unbiased sample of participants to be involved in the study. This is where participant recruitment comes in. Feel free to PM me about study design too as I've worked on that a lot :)