Qaunain Meghjee
Qaunain MeghjeeHead of Technology @ Level39

What's the best live chat tool for websites?

Looking for a good live chat tool for a website, bonus if it's cost effective. I know @Intercom is the business and noticed there are lots of cool competitors like @crisp_im. Main feature set should include auto popups bots, multi-agent collaboration, integration into a support ticketing system (if there isn't that tracking system built in) and ability to capture respondents details automatically.
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    Drift 2.0

    A scalable way to talk to your customers

    I am using the Drift free plan and am quite happy with it. I think it satisfies all your requirements (except maybe for specific support tickets).
    tomkuhnFounder, mynextco · Written
    Drift has been pretty solid. I am still on the free plan, but considering the paid version.
    • Dan London
      Dan LondonVP of REV MKTG, Bandwidth

      Great tool that has helped us increase our leads by 3x and reduce support requests handled by the sales team.

    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt Pliszkaresearching SaaS software @

      Drift is a great complex platform to support your sales, especially interesting for more demanding customers.

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    A beautiful, simple live chat for websites.✨

    Alex Shvalev
    Alex Shvalev8CEO & Co-founder, Chaport Live Chat · Written
    Alex Shvalev made this product
    Chaport is a beautiful, simple live chat, with premium quality and affordable price. It has the Forever Free Plan for 5 operators and beautiful apps for Mac, Windows, Web, iOS & Android. You can integrate Chaport with 750+ apps using Zapier or its API.
    Just discovered it and already love it! Super easy to use.
    • Greg Stone
      Greg StoneOwner & Designer at ChampKid Design

      Easy setup and installation. Using it for our ecommerce store Pacific Outbound Clothing Co. We've been bouncing around multiple chat apps and each one has their own little quirks that we didn't like on mobile. But this one has proven to stand above them all. Looks great on the website and just worked. The backend dashboard could use a little color -it's all just very white- but that's just me. I think this product is going places.

    • Beth Fiedler
      Beth FiedlerHappy Entrepreneur w a PH product 🙌

      Thanks very much for sharing this simple yet effective tool with the PH community. Will recommend Chaport to those who are looking for this. Congrats and Thank You! 👍👍👍

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    Smallchat Beta

    Slack integration for chatting with visitors to your website

    For simple chat - if you use Slack
    JeanBaptiste Reynaud
    JeanBaptiste ReynaudWeb and java developer · Written
    super integration in slack, and you can do a lot of things within the free version
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    Catch 'em all. Keep 'em all.

    Arun Sathiya
    Arun Sathiya4Happiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    Great product + generous free tier. Disclosure: I work with the team on launch and marketing.
    • The analytics section of this product is a joke compared to LiveChat. We use both (for different use cases) and are really unsatisfied with Freshchat. It's really hard to have a good grasp of your operation with such scant reporting capabilities. LiveChat offers much more customization and flexibility. I'd definitely recommend you use that.

      It's also been unreliable of late, where several of our users are unable to use the chat. We've reported the problem and it took them about 5 days to detect it as a bug, and they've returned us an estimated 15 days for the bug to be fixed. This is way too long.

      The only reason we haven't switched over completely is because to integrate LiveChat into our android app, we'd lose native support for push notifications and would have to implement it ourselves. We've researched chat apps quite a bit and definitely recommend LiveChat. We've looked at Intercom too and it looks very promising but would only make sense for us if we switched our e-mail support system (Zendesk) to Intercom as well.

    • Arun Sathiya
      Arun SathiyaHappiness Engineer, Automattic

      This is Freshworks Inc.'s latest offering. Here's Freshchat, a modern live-chat experience for businesses of any kind.

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  5. I've lately been using ConvertFox and I'm pretty impressed!
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    Capture, Engage & Retain everyone on your Website.

    Naman Bhutani
    Naman BhutaniSales Specialist · Written
    You could try out Interakt, it's more like Intercom only and meets your requirements of Auto Pop-ups, multi-agent collaboration, integrated support system, automated lead capture. It has some more cool apps you could use too. Hope it helps.. :)
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    • J_Sahani
      J_SahaniDirector, PDG & Founder, Mailautic

      Not sure what's wrong but nothing is working on the dashboard and integration on my app, even there status page is not working.

      Waiting for them to fix this issue asap.

    • In A Flash Laser
      In A Flash LaserFounder, In A Flash Laser

      I was hoping to try this app since it looks like it does everything we want for a lower cost than competition. Sadly the site is down.

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    Affordable marketing automation with 5 minute setup

    In addition to the others listed, I'd add UserEngage to the list. They've got a lot of 'me too' features, but it makes it a full stack for live chat AND marketing automation.
    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt Pliszkaresearching SaaS software @

      A really great extensive automation software focused on providing you with multiple functionality automating your daily connections with customers using different channels.

  8. Ilya Azovtsev 💌+🤖=🚀
    Ilya Azovtsev 💌+🤖=🚀5Help sales team close more in less time · Written
    We use this for our needs, and it's super-cool, it gives a lot of opportunities
  9. faasthelp will be the right choice for all SMB's and startups as it is simple and easy customer support software having live chat, knowledge base as well ticketing system and all in a single window. • In FAQ customers can get the answers to their queries in the required category, the search option is also available for the right question by giving a right keyword. Businesses can even add images and videos to the answers which will help customers to understand the answers easily and can make the answers private or public based on requirement. Public answers can be viewed by everyone whereas private can be viewed only by the staff of the company. • In simple ticketing system, customers can log and create a ticket as well as track those tickets to know the status of the tickets. Businesses can add unlimited Agents/employees to support your business at no additional cost. • Live chat feature where customers can directly have a chat with the businesses. You can also get email alerts for any missed chats and can also download previous chat history for any references.
  10. Sergey Stukov
    Sergey StukovCo-Founder, UserEcho · Written
    Sergey Stukov made this product
    GetInChat meets your requirements, also note that we have very responsive and committed support team and we are able to implement new ideas fast.
  11. Vineet Gupta
    Vineet GuptaInternet Technologies Evangelist · Written
    After trying out a dozen live chat options and failing miserably, I finally settled for ProProfs Chat. It only requires a simple “copy-paste” on a page where you intend to have the chat option and you are good to go. Running a flower delivery business, our job is to help our customers select the best quality flowers for different occasions. Now with ProProfs Chat, my customer support team can clearly monitor the pages that users navigate on our website that opened up possibilities for sending proactive chat invitations. And thankfully, our website engagement shot up by 5% within two weeks of installing this live chat option. Canned responses is another feature that I am encouraging these days, given how repetitive the queries can become sometimes.
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    Live chat, lets you talk to visitors on your website

    Ali Anil CAN
    Ali Anil CANFounder @Horouz · Written
    Zendesk Chat (formerly Zopim) is a nice choice for offering Live Chat to your visitors. It meets all your requirements that you mentioned in the description of your question. (tickets through integration with Zendesk Support Module). Free subscription provides 1 concurrent chat and 14 days chat history but; not the triggers ('auto popup bots') & Departments ('multi-agent collaboration')
    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt Pliszkaresearching SaaS software @

      One of those user-friendly, simple live chat apps, especially useful for one-person teams looking for a freemium live chat solution. An auto translation feature might turn out really useful for those running their business in multiple regions.

  13. Qaunain Meghjee
    Qaunain MeghjeeHead of Technology @ Level39 · Written
    If you want to get up and running quick and cheap is a good solution. Of course there are some tools more powerful but this one does the basics and more.
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    A human + bot hybrid customer support platform

    Parth Shrivastava
    Parth ShrivastavaAll Things B2B Marketing · Written
    It is an intelligent live chat powered support tool. Easy to integrate and comes with a free plan. Also, you can use custom bots along with chat in Kommunicate.
    • Chetan R
      Chetan RChethStudios

      Curious to know the roadmap for this. More key differentiators should be added to the product. Will update this review when I actually test it out.

    • Syed Zainul Haque
      Syed Zainul HaqueAssistant Marketing Manager,Conversion B

      It has good analytics in place and allows you to have personalized customer support and use bots as well

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    Premium live chat and help desk software for business.

    Daria Zwierz
    Daria ZwierzOnline Community Enthusiast · Written
    The best tool to catch and convert leads.
    • Kaan Aksoy
      Kaan AksoyA person who doesn't headlines

      It is a solid product but one thing (quite silly in my opinion) makes it quite useless in our case.

      If a visitor does not provide his details the at the beginning (they call it pre-chat survey) you can not add those details (email,name) afterwards.

      You can have a 2 hours chat session with a visitor but visitor will stay as unknown since you can not add the information you gathered during the chat session. How is that?

    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt Pliszkaresearching SaaS software @

      Love LiveChat for its simplicity, easy integration and customer support 👍

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    Talk to your website visitors- live chat software done right

    Alex Trup
    Alex TrupCo-founder at · Written
    Chatra’s Free Tier is a great place to start and I’ve used the same instance across a few websites. The premium features also come at a reasonable price, although I think many startups won’t need to upgrade.
    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt Pliszkaresearching SaaS software @

      A simple live chat solution, worth a shot if you're looking for something simple and functional. I really like the group chat and seeing the visitor's typing features.

  17. Prabhjot Singh
    Prabhjot SinghI am a Digital Marketing Executive · Written
    Enhance your #Cx by integrating this Chat-bot tool that helps in replying quickly even in different languages. it can store the answers for future queries as well so that the Average Handling time reduces as less as possible. It Understands multiple languages and even the local language of a particular query. Go ahead with this tool
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    Smart Customer communication: Live chat📝 + Email marketing📧

    Ilya Azovtsev 💌+🤖=🚀
    Ilya Azovtsev 💌+🤖=🚀5Help sales team close more in less time · Written
    These guys are making a great stuff, Nice UX/UI - totally worth to check
  19. João Vicente Farias Santos
    João Vicente Farias SantosI help companies grow in the web · Written
    great features, incredible support, affordable price!
  20. Ryen Meley
    Ryen MeleyExpert on Live Chat Solutions · Written
    Most intuitive, affordable & feature-rich live chat software. Go to to learn more about its features.