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What is a decent tasting protein bar (that isn't full of fake ingredients / soy)?

I've gotten into CrossFit lately (oy, I know) and I need to up my protein intake, but need a quick, portable way to consume it (turns out scrambled eggs aren't an easy snack to carry around) without being too heavy on soy, preservatives, or other gross ingredients.
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    thinkThin bars
    Tyler HayesCEO @AtomLimbs. Prev @Bebo 💰Amazon · Written
    Almost all thinkThin bars are ~10g protein, 10g fiber, 0g sugar (so hard to find!) and lots of natural ingredients. And they're also some of the tastiest bars I've ever had. Everyone I've introduced them to goes and buys a dozen.
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    RX Bar
    Kunal BhatiaDesign @ Mercury · Written
    I bought my first box of RXBAR two weeks ago. It was all over the place and I saw it popping up in my friends' feeds too. I got the apple cinnamon flavor, and it is fragrant. People thought I had a new car freshener because I had two finished bar wrappers in my car! Texture is a little rubbery, but you get used to it (maybe was too hyped for me). It has all natural ingredients and "No B.S." I ate the whole box quickly and used them as snacks on-the-go before/after workouts.
    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    RXBAR is good ingredient wise. I find it pretty "rubbery" - exactly as Kunal said. But it's definitely better than anything with a ton of sugar alcohol in it (can upset stomach). I've had these a couple times when between workouts & need calories fast. Altho I think I'd probably prefer a banana + whey & water.