What's the best app/website/service to get individual emails from companies

The idea is to pass a domain, or linkedin profile and get as much emails as possible for that website or profile. Preferably personal emails (not info@ or news@...). Would be nice if they offer API so I can call from my software.
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  1. Alexis Kratko
    Alexis Kratko3Founder at Snov.io · Written
    Alexis Kratko made this product
    All emails comes verified, large free plan, dirt cheap paid plans.
  2. Henri Duong
    Henri DuongProduct Hero | Advisor | Mentor · Written
    It's easy to use and has a very clean interface.
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  3. Sahil Aggarwal
    Sahil AggarwalCo-founder & CEO of Leadworx · Written
    Free chrome plugin. Download it and go to any LinkedIn profile to get email. Can also provide bulk data on request