erik ambring
erik ambringConcept developer

What is the best tool for interactive prototypes? πŸ“±

Im trying to find a tool for building interactive prototypes, preferably with pixel perfect layout that I can show a programmer (or optimally - import the style directly into the app).
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    Craft Prototype, from InVision

    Design, prototype, and collaborate seamlessly

    Sam Rye
    Sam Rye11Founder Β· Written
    Just an awesome combo, and InVision shares the design files with your team.
    Phillip J
    Phillip JUX Designer Β· Written
    InVision is a fantastic tool with some really interesting integrations with Sketch.
    I LOVE the fact that it integrates right within sketch, making it my all-in-one solution for UI/UX design.
    • Julie Delanoy
      Julie DelanoyHead of Product Design at Product Hunt

      I mostly use Craft for syncing with Invision and the library to always have the last update for the colors and text styles of our style guide. It's really useful, and I can't complain except when it makes Sketch suddenly crash. At first, I thought this was a Sketch problem, but after looking into it, I learned that Craft could be sometimes instable. Still, it's worth the risk πŸ˜‰

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    • AndrΓ© Bose do Amaral
      AndrΓ© Bose do AmaralFounder/CCO/CEO,

      Am a recent convert to Sketch + Craft, and the connection to InVision raises productivity dramatically. Large files with lots of artboards/hotspots still face issues synching up, though, which is a bit annoying.

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    Marvel 2.0

    Super simple design, prototyping and collaboration

    Vinh Pham
    Vinh Pham25🀀 · Written
    Invision is probably the most robust tool out there, but if you want an alternative then check out Marvel.
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    Adobe XD

    An end-to-end solution for designing & prototyping

    This tool is relatively straightforward to use and allows for precise designs. It also lets you test the prototype on the computer, on a connected device (like an iPhone), or through a shareable URL.
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    Prototyping and collaboration for design teams

    BastienGobelins Student & Awwwards Young Jury Β· Written
    Not hard to take in charge, fully compatible with Sketch !
    • Dennis Weinhardt
      Dennis WeinhardtDigital Designer (UI/UX/Web)

      I love everything about InVision.

      Since I started using it 3-4 years ago they improved so many things and added really useful features. They collaborate with so many top designers of the industry that they always know what we want. I really appreciate the effort, time and love they put into their products and it's always fun to use them.

      The tools I use on a weekly basis are:

      InVision (Webapp); Freehand; Craft;

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    • Elena Avramenko
      Elena AvramenkoCo-Founder at PopAppFactory

      All my designers loves the service, but I am struggling to use it, I find its UI/UX uncomfortable and not obvious. The most terrible is a mobile version of the web-site, extremely slow.

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  5. 2 2.0

    Ultra fast, scalable and fully collaborative prototyping

    Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal Bhatia51Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp Β· Written
    I would highly recommend checking out Atomic. They have built one of the most versatile prototyping platforms, and have been cranking out very useful features to improve both my prototyping capabilities and the ways in which I interact with others (devs, customers, research subjects, etc.). You can also select CSS and animation timing properties to help specify information for your devs.
    • Kunal Bhatia
      Kunal BhatiaCo-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp

      Atomic is my go-to solution for ideating, creating something to test with customers, and communicating with developers. You can get an idea of how I use prototyping tools in general here. It includes an overview of many tools in this space.

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    Fluid UI

    The World's #1 Wireframing & Prototyping Tool

    Design high fidelity interactive prototypes with FLuid UI is so easy thanks to the drag and drop editor. It is so quick to add links and transitions and customise your designs and then share them on your device or send them to others in order to get feedback. There are also new features now such as video chat and real time collaboration which explains why Fluid is now the Number 1 Online prototyping tool.