What is the best app to build a chatbot?

There are so many new apps out there I was wondering what the best one was.
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    Landbot.io - Conversational Landing Page

    Lead generation landing page as chatbot

    Ernesto Cohnen
    Ernesto CohnenCo-Founder, triporate.com · Written
    Amazing product, simple and a new & great channel to generate leads using bots.
    • Arti Villa
      Arti VillaProduct Engineer - also a generalist. TM

      Landbot.io is an all encompassing highly configurable landing page, survey, feedback and customer service toolkit so if your core product is not the landing page itself such as a SAAS product, or something you're selling on Shopify, I highly recommend this. You can also pick other tools along with this. Focus on what matters more. The product you're building. My experience using this has been pretty amazing and the team and customer support is stellar.

    • I will need to go through the product again.. at least multiple times to find details of how exactly the application will differ based on companies/sites that can be plugged in.

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    Build your chatbot without coding

    I like the tool because it allows you to get various kinds of bots without writing a line of a code. It integrates with popular apps such as Slack, Messenger, LiveChat and Zapier that opens plenty of possibilities
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    Create chatbots to engage with your audience on messengers

    Tudor Baidoc
    Tudor BaidocA Web & UI Designer · Written
    I love the UX, really easy to understand and to use.
    Ayush Mittal
    Ayush Mittal28bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌ · Written
    + 1 I made a simple bot with Chatfuel. You start with Built in blocks and create new blocks per the scenario. There are a series of cards you can add to each block as an action plus the plugins are super handy, especially Zapier, Slack and IFTTT.
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    Your personal chatbot factory

    Agnieszka5LiveChat | social media | Sofar Sounds · Written
    Agnieszka made this product
    Try out our BotEngine - it's very simple and intuitive. So far we're integrated with Messenger, but we're planning to connect with more communication platforms very soon ;)
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    Collect.chat - Chatbot for websites

    An interactive chatbot widget for your website

    ShyjalFounder, Collect.chat · Written
    Shyjal made this product
    Simple clean interface. Easy to build and deploy. Best for collecting leads, feedbacks, orders or any data on a website. Try it out :)
    • Jordan Clifton
      Jordan CliftonProduct Lover

      I am very excited to see what this company develops in the future, I just wish they had a chat integration with freshdesk as well as trial access to the logical rules and other features.

    • Moulik Jain
      Moulik JainCEO, DesignPitchDeck & 3MindsDigital

      I am using collect chat premium version for around 6 month. Really happy with tool.

      I just feel UX need to improve before it reach to mass audience.

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    Make Chatbots to replace your regular old webforms

    Vinit Agrawal
    Vinit Agrawal14Co-Founder at Tars (HelloTars.com) · Written
    Vinit Agrawal made this product
    Try this one, this is the best one that i made.
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