Marek Kriz
Marek KrizFounder at Point FM

What is the most beautiful to-do management tool?

We tried to work with Trello, Flow, Asana etc. but those are all very ugly and not easy to use so we stayed with Basecamp. Do you have any recommendations for something else?
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    Basecamp 3

    The best version of Basecamp ever made

    Sambruce Joseph
    Sambruce JosephProduct Designer Β· Written
    Basecamp is by far my favourite, easy-to-use to-do app
    • Johnathan Holland
      Johnathan HollandI truly obsess over helping others..

      Basecamp makes it much easier to manage the tasks your remote team is doing in a clean UI so that you get a good view of what is happening in the organizing. Amazing product!

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    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt PliszkaCEO & co-founder @

      One of the more complex apps for managing projects, a good one for keeping your team updated about the activity on each project/task.

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    Things 3.0

    Complete revamp of the original, award-winning task manager

    AlejandroI do apps at Β· Written
    I've been using things for many years already, is the best for me.
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    Ricardo Polo
    Ricardo PoloCo-founder of Tulpep Β· Written
    This is beautiful!!!
    • Chad Whitaker
      Chad WhitakerProduct Designer at AngelList ✌️

      I've been a Things user since 2007. Within the last couple of years Things 2.0 started to feel stale, and I found myself exploring other alternatives. Yet I could never end up replacing it.

      Thankfully, Things 3.0 comes out of nowhere with a completely redesigned experience that is fast, beautiful and it allows you to do everything with speed β€” the perfect recipe for a todo app.

      This app feels like it belongs on iOS 11 even though it was launched weeks before the iOS 11 beta was announced. It's that good!

      You still can't share tasks with others, but the great experience easily out weights that need.

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    • Dan Duett
      Dan DuettProduct Manager, Stitch Labs

      I've used Things since 2010. It's the app I couldn't live without. To use it well, familiarize yourself with David Allen's "Getting Things Done" methodology.

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    My Desk

    A smart task manager for freelancers

    definitely recommend this one. it's simple and intuitive to use plus really helps you stay on top of your tasks. It automatically creates tasks for you based on your projects, contract terms and deadlines, all from the app. It's an awesome tool that helps you declutter instantly.
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    Visual task management with chat and performance analytics.

    PratySr. Interaction Designer @ Β· Written
    I love the simplicity and elegance of Taskworld. Have been using it for just over 2 years now. Have tons of projects, tasks, files, and messages inside it. But never felt overwhelmed. Knowing that I have my and my team's to-dos sorted in TW saves a lot of my time. Seems that the folks at Taskworld always keep refreshing the app to keep it updated with the latest design trends. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
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    KateContents Β· Edited
    I've been using Taskworld for a couple of years too and can't imagine work without it. I think their simple interface makes the task managing so easy.
    • Tobias Meixner
      Tobias MeixnerCTO & Co-Founder @ Brikl

      We have been using Taskworld to organise our Sales activities and marketing efforts. The beautiful UI and pleasant user experience convinced everyone in the team to use Taskworld and we have never looked back.

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    The task management tool, completely redesigned

    Saul Fleischman
    Saul Fleischman3RiteKit Founder & CEO Β· Written
    Basecamp is costly, but asana has come a long way and we've relied on it for 6 years. If you're bootstrapped and times are tight, use asana for your devs until you hit the max for free usage and use meistertask for pr/marketing/admin people.
    • Rita Viana
      Rita VianaGraphic Designer

      I recommend Asana to everyone who is trying to get a more organized life.

      It's good to everything, it's free (until 15 members) and you can choose from 2 different styles: list or board. You can create unlimited projects, you can share tasks between projects with a click, there are chat boxes in every task, it's user friendly and their help forum is ultra helpful even if you never payed a penny to them.

      I can't live without Asana. Just the most amazing thing ever.

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    • Veronika
      VeronikaInbound Marketing Manager

      I've used a few project management tools in the past and Asana is the only one that makes me genuinely happy and more productive (at work and with my side hustles).

      I can't recommend this tool enough for its ease of use, features and user experience. As a cherry on top, Asana's vision to help teams collaborate and do their best work is one that I can personally identify with!

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    Airtable 2.0

    Beyond the spreadsheet

    Ayush Mittal
    Ayush Mittal28bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌ · Written
    Recently switched to Airtable - super flexible, allows you to customise the functionality with ease. We're doing everything from user feedback to product logs in different Airtable databases! Project Management, Bug & Issue tracker, personal CRM, ad campaigns and much more are available as preset templates.
    • EU based companies are prohibited from exporting personal data to overseas-based service providers unless an exception applies. For Airtable, the only one that could apply is the Provacy Shield.

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    • Mina Zivkovic
      Mina ZivkovicBrand & Content Marketing, Canvas

      I have just started using it, so I'm still getting proficient at it. So far, I'm in love. I had been digging for a tool to help me with content management and strategy, and I couldn't be happier with what Airtable lets me do.

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    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    Ekaterina Klink
    Ekaterina KlinkGrowth & International Bizdev Β· Written
    it's free and has everything that you need
    • haabe
      haabeDeveloper @ Snopp DesignbyrΓ₯

      We were looking for a tool to replace Asana, and after initially testing Todoist, became certain it could be the tool for us. But sharing projects is a PITA. There's no easy way to let your team have access to all newly created projects. Also, the projects structure isn't shared, so sharing a new subproject causes havoc in the teammate's projects structure, and the teammate needs to manually configure the projects structure according to it's intended layout.

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    • The Todoist app is ruthlessly efficient in helping me capture my tasks no matter when or where I am. Bring collaborators into a project, or a task is a snap. When I'm creating a recurring task, and hopefully a positive habit, or when I am reflecting on my productivity, Todoist works.

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    Intuitive collaboration and task management tool for teams.

    Andric Tham
    Andric ThamProduct + Design. Working on Twill Β· Written
    I personally use MeisterTask at work. It gives you a great Kanban-style overview like Trello and Asana boards, but tasks assigned to you are presented in a linear list that can be ordered by due date or project just like in Asana. Its layout comes with clean and crisp typography that makes scanning through your tasks a breeze.
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    Agile task management, kanban, scrum, sprints and timers

    Sam Rye
    Sam Rye11Founder Β· Written
    For flexible views and some slick takes on hard to nail features...
  10. Sam Rye
    Sam Rye11Founder Β· Written
    For Product-centric task management
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    Turn your to-do list into a real work plan

    Filipa Nascimento made this product
    Outplanr is a beautiful and user friendly task management tool. It turns a simple to do list into a real work plan πŸ˜€