Sebastian Rumberg
Sebastian RumbergI do things at Ballou PR

What is the best tool to extract data from a website?

I'm looking for a tool that can extract headlines, abstracts, authors, etc. I was impressed with kimono labs, but then it got acquired by Palantir.
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    Scrape the web, sans manual scripting

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan Hoover83Founder, Product Hunt ยท Written
    Import is slick. Use its WYSWYG editor to select elements of the page/site you want to track and it'll turn it into an API you can use elsewhere.
    It's not perfectly intuitive but it's always my go-to for scraping when I don't/can't write a script.
  2. Lakshan Perera
    Lakshan PereraCreator of ยท Written
    Lakshan Perera made this product
    Page.REST allows you to extract page titles, description, open graph data or any content on page using CSS selectors. You get a JSON response which can be consumed or integrated by many other tools. (Disclaimer: I'm the creator)
  3. 2

    The client-side scraping companion

    Nicolas Le Roux
    Nicolas Le RouxGrowth Marketer ยท Written
    Love Artoo as it's really simple to use.
  4. Graham Campbell
    Graham Campbell4๐Ÿš€ new ventures, faster ยท Written
    You can still download the "kimonify" chrome extension by following this link, and you can still build CSV tables and output scraped data in JSON format on many sites. The only thing is that you can't schedule routine crawls, or automate pagination. But to get the data from any given page, just click on the <> icon for the "raw data view" and then click either JSON or CSV, and then highlight the data, copy it, and paste it into your Google sheet/Airtable base etc. It's admittedly a clumsy process, but it still saves me a ton of time.
  5. Dre Durr๐Ÿ’ก
    Dre Durr๐Ÿ’กGrowth is the only thing that matters ยท Written
    I have been using this for a few years. It is awesome!
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    Never write another web scraper

    Ben Lang
    Ben Lang23Shipping ยท Written
    Solid tool for scraping data from a website.
  7. Victor Landau
    Victor LandauPM @uberall ยท Edited
    Just use ImportXML in Google Spreadsheet. Works great if you are not importing too much data. On top of that you get the power of being inside a spreadsheet already.'s free!
  8. I still have the Chrome extension and desktop app if you would want to use it. I can easily share it with you, just let me know.