Whats your favorite or frequent way to track your daily news?

What news reader do you use the most to track your favorite news sources for tech, business, etc.? - Facebook - Reddit - Flipboard - Hacker News - Something else? Please mention in comments What do you like or hate most about the one you use? What do you wish for, if anything in your news reader?
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    Opera Reborn

    New version of Opera, codenamed Reborn, now with messaging

    Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications · Written
    I've switched from Feedly to Opera Reborn and making use 'Personal News' feature in the sidebar. One can either browse through the preset top 50 sources or set up to receive updates from defined sources. It's working pretty well.
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    Feedly Pro
    Paul GordonFounder @ mypresences.com · Written
    Since the demise of Google Reader I have been using feedly to consolidate all my news. I love that I can skim hundreds of articles each day across many different sources and then mark the ones I want to read later. Great for keeping on top of competitor blogs as well.
    Feedly has plenty of integrations and features if you want to share your news with other people or save it to an alternative read later service.
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    Push for Slack

    Keep up to date on professional and personal interests

    Dave EsbinProduct Strategy and Marketing · Written
    I really like Push for Slack. It's unconstructive, no separate website/ interface, easy to scroll and see all the headlines.
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    Google News
    Benn CrawfordHead of Product, SilverStripe · Written
    As with anything with Google the feed automatically adjust to your online interests - not a particularly beautiful user experience, but good for finding related content - the more you look for something with Google, the more you will find that stuff on Google News