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What's your favorite app/tool to run a business efficiently?

Looking for apps that help to be organized, save time, and successfully run a business. Thank you in advance for all the recommendations.
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    The e-signature solution for your business

    One of my top email signature solutions is DottedSign - the app comes with quite a few highly useful tools that make signing documents on the go very easy. I have the app on my phone and that's basically all I use for all my signing needs. I specifically like the fact that I'm able to assign signatures and track the progress. Being able to do all this on my phone is pretty great and I'm able to work on the go and this definitely increases my efficiency throughout the day.
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    Philippa McCarthyDesigner living in Copenhagen, Denmark · Written
    I honestly can't imagine my life without DottedSign. It's a great e-signature app that my whole office uses and enjoys. High functionality, lots of advanced and useful features and great UX. No complaints.
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    Paperform v2

    Make beautiful forms in minutes

    Marion GainesAn amature model and a good photographer · Written
    Paperform is my go-to app to collect data from customers and automate processes like creating invoices and sending follow up emails.
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    Powering millions of teams to work smarter, together.

    mark!Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Red Bull · Written
    Easy to grasp project management even for the non-technical folks!
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    Sumeet ChawlaFounder - · Written
    As you grow, organizing tasks and stuff becomes very complicated. Trello Board really helps me focus on things which matter most urgently. There are some board templates which follow agile methodology to have your business tasks done. It helps you focus on things you need to get done in sprints and basically not forget stuff :)
    RondellAugmented & Virtual Reality Influencer · Written
    Very simple and effective project/time management tool with a low learning curve and an open end for custom manipulation.
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    Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.

    Matija AbicicProduct Manager @getgenea · Written
    Its all about its integrations with all of the other apps listed here.
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    Patrick Schüller7Marketing/SEO @Zenkit · Written
    Zenkit is a project management tool that offers many different views on your data like eg. mind-map, kanban board, spreadsheet, list or calendar. With Zenkit you can keep the perfect overview of everything going on in your business while working productively with your team. Zenkit scales with the size of your project or business.
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    Connect and automate 500+ web apps

    Ilya Azovtsev 💌+🤖=🚀6Head of Growth @ lempod · Written
    Everyone will promote themselves:) but I won't, I just do believe that this app helps to automate a lot of processes and save the time by connecting the apps that you use (huge free, nice UI UX and really easy to understand)
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    Pavan Sethi19building things. · Written
    Agree with Ilya. Zapier is really key to automate a lot of processes that previously were done manually. The way it's set up makes it super easy to understand more difficult workflows.
    It seamlessly automates all my basic needs. less time wasting more productivity.
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    Invoicing, Expenses, Time Tracking, Contracts & Payments

    An all-in-one freelancers dream. Simple PayPal/Stripe business setup to receive payments, contract generation based on the template from the Freelancers Union, Expense tracking, Client & Project management, Task & Time tracker, Invoice generation and best of all, a real human CO that can advise through async messaging. It's mint!
    mario8⚡VC @ Charge | 🦊Writer @ The Generalist · Written
    Simple but powerful.
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    A powerful, award-winning app for media monitoring 🚀

    Kuba Rogalski39Content Writer at LiveChat · Written
    Speaking of time-saving, I guess a social media monitoring tools could be of help as well. If your business is talked about online, you want to know what do people think about it, whether these are good or bad things. If the volume of conversation is high, it is even better to have such tool as it will save you a lot of time you would otherwise have to spend manually browsing through different social media, news sites, blogs, etc.
  9. Apptorium made this product
    Managing and quickly launching project resources
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    Realtime spreadsheet-database hybrid

    Ian ThompsonArchitect & Designer | London · Written
    Airtable is the one app that you can really bend to your needs. Projects, products, tasks, customers; I'd need a tonne of apps to keep track of everything whereas Airtable makes it super easy for me and my team!
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    Notion 1.0 Web + Mac App

    Docs, wikis, tasks – a minimal & unified workspace for teams

    David MirandaFounder, Remake · Written
    Ever wanted to embed documents within documents and have todo lists next to your project plans? This is the app I always turn to when planning out projects!
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    A fast, easy, collaborative hiring tool

    Beth Hudson4Social Media Marketer, Recruitee · Written
    Beth Hudson made this product
    Hiring is the first step to creating a team that works well together (aka a huge increase in productivity). Recruitee is a tool that streamlines this process, making sure you have the time to spend on ensuring the right fit for your company. Here are some perks: - Pay per active job, not per seat - Allows the whole team to collaborate - Has a great support team - Has Trello-like organization - Has a free trial to test out - etc. etc. etc.!
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    Team communication from a team of Ex-Skypers

    Not Slack. Because not everyone wants to use slack.
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    A smart to-do list and goal tracker app

    Ferenc Horvat made this product
    Purp allows seeing each of your projects’ progression in same time. It helps to handle the tasks and deadlines dynamically because the Brain function organizes your tasks from each project automatically based on their importance, deadline, category and it sorts them to fit the given time of the day. Thereby it boosts your productivity and helps to be less stressed during you manage your business.
    evekateIOS developer, CEO, Pepzen Ltd. · Written
    evekate made this product
    Purp keeps to stay on the road with showing the progress for you until you have reach all the necessary parts of the service / product, the goals.
  15. Anastacia AlexeenkoSmart and beautiful · Written
    A tool that allows to visualize strategy, systematize goals and ideas, adjust plans, and have a broad overview of milestones. collaboration and synchronization options - deserve attention.
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    Keeps people on the same page

    🚀 Götz Thümecke‎Co-Founder & CEO of · Written
    At our digital startup, Basecamp keeps everything moving efficiently across our global hub and spoke system (i.e. we can work simultaneously with our development team in India and other offices across the world). If your business is a startup, then you'll rely on strong collaboration, and to hone collaboration you need to utilise the best tools, Basecamp being one of many.
  17. Purnendu Dash PDI make magical websites! · Written
    It's not clear what exactly you're looking for & so I felt these plugins will add value to your business.
  18. Thomas DavisListium, Cdnjs, JSON Resume · Written
    Thomas Davis made this product
    Well designed and flexible enough to handle the majority of SMB needs. Here is an example template ->
    sam4Assistant Principal. Father of twins. · Written
    I havent heard of Listium before today. Just checked it out. Its pretty slick. Why are more people not using Listium?
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    Turn your to-do list into a real work plan

    Filipa Nascimento made this product
    Outplanr turns your to-do lists into real, feasible work plans, that also include time spent on meetings. You can now visualize each person’s workload and assign them new tasks across all projects in one go.
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    Modern business planning for startups

    Alexandra ChudikBusiness Development, · Written
    Great tool for iterating on business ideas and getting a plan in place!
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