Elise Graham Kennedy
Elise Graham KennedyFounder + CEO Honey & Vinegar

What's a good data visualization software?

Context: Pulling different data points from Segment into a software where we can track all customer actions. Currently looking at Pendo but welcome any other softwares!
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    Pro tools for SQL analysts

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan Hoover85Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    We use Periscope at Product Hunt to monitor and visualize everything from high-level metrics to project-specific a/b test results. While flexible, it requires SQL skills to setup.
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  2. tomkuhn
    tomkuhnFounder, mynextco · Written
    First, they made it free now, second, it's simple to use and connects to meant online data sources. It works like a Google doc that you can share and collaborate with others it give view access only.
    Philip Brechler
    Philip BrechlerProduct Manager at ebay · Written
    We also use it to analyse everything in Analytics. Especially useful if you need to present a certain set of data to stakeholders since it is very easy to make the data understandable with custom labels & extra texts/screenshots
    Abhilash Jain
    Abhilash Jain5Customer Success / Growth · Written
    Create dashboards and connect your data sources. (Segment/Excel sheets) etc. It's super easy to use and the data is fetched in real time. The initial effort in creating these dashboards is worth your time as you can add filters and highlight metrics that matter to get your team up to speed.
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    Make charts & infographics that people love

    Chiara Laterza
    Chiara LaterzaDigital Strategist · Written
    I find this tool very easy to use with an extraordinary quality output. Premium version is definitely better but you could have great results even with the free one
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    Monitor the vital signs of your business

    Abhilash Jain
    Abhilash Jain5Customer Success / Growth · Written
    Also try Geckoboard, its fairly simple to use. I had used this before Data Studio was available back here. It works well with Segment.
  5. Dave Esbin
    Dave EsbinProduct Strategy and Marketing · Written
    Still the best, especially if you want data out.
  6. You can try this out :)
  7. Ali Anil CAN
    Ali Anil CANFounder @Horouz · Written
    Microsoft Power BI is a good choice to visualize your data. It allows users to grab data from hundreds of resources including Access, SQL, Azure, Excel, FB, GitHub, GA, Mailchimp, Oracle, Salesforce, Web, CSV etc... What is more, once you create a dashboard, you can ask Power BI some KPI questions and it will bring you the result. (lets say 'total sales amount in June 2017')
  8. Evan Farrell
    Evan FarrellCofounder, scholarly.ca · Written
    Powerful, highly versatile, and hackable to the core. Integrates beautifully with all your favourite services, and your data updates in real-time! Monitor your site traffic a la Google Analytics, watch your DB hits, and keep on top of all your financials with the Stripe or Quickbooks integration. Super awesome product!
  9. It's a great way to visualise raw data without much effort!
  10. It depends on the use case, I'd say for exploring the data and looking for things (eg. insights) Tableau is the most full-featured and easiest to use. If you want to integrate what you find into your product or roll it out at a big company there are other options: in-product - D3 or Highcharts enterprise - combo of Metric Insights + Tableau + Alation
  11. Anthony Thong Do
    Anthony Thong DoEntrepreneur, Product Manager · Written
    Holistics is not easy to use at start, but very powerful because you can also prepare your data (ETL) and automate your data process like Email/Slack Schedule, Alerts on a same platform
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    Customer Analytics for Everyone

    Indicative is partnered with Segment, making data integration super easy. It's great for mapping customer journeys and flows, not to mention multi-path funnel analysis, 1 billion user actions per month, and data integration (like Segment).