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What is the best marketing automation tool for early stage startups?

The need for slick marketing & sales automation is for an early stage companies fundamental different compared to already more established start ups. Due to limited infrastructure and ressources most of the heavy and costly established all-rounder are not suitable and oversized plus taking too long to implement.
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    Free, open source, marketing automation Highrise alternative

    Open Source, virtually no price entry barrier, low learning curve and gets the job done. Maybe misses a few bells and whistles but has almost all essential functionality to automate marketing workflow.
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    Tweegenic1Noble Investor · Written
    I would recommend you to try Mautic, a free open source marketing automation tool. Features: A/B Tests Automated Drip Marketing CMS Integration - WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Typo3, Concrete5 etc. CRM Integration - Salesforce, SugarCRM, vTiger, HubSpot, Zoho CRM etc. Email Integration - Mandrill, SendGrid, Amazon SES, MailChimp, iContact eCommerce Integration Email Marketing Event Management Landing Page & Form Creator Lead Analysis Lead Management Lead Scoring List Management Multiple Email Service Providers Self-Hosted Landing Pages Self-Hosted Software Smart Lead Capture Forms Social Media Integration Web Activity Monitoring Setup & Training Fees - $0
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    Drip and Wistia Integration

    Collect leads & trigger workflows from inside your videos

    I've looked at and used nearly all of them, from the enterprise stuff like Eloqua/Marketo/Pardot to Mid-market MA apps like HubSpot and Constant Contact to "startup apps" like Mailchimp and Intercom. Hands down, Drip is the best marketing automation product / email marketing app for any company with less than 500,000 contacts. For companies with software developers on hand, Drip's JS API, tagging system, and key-value-based custom fields strikes the most powerful balance of sophistication and flexibility in the marketing software space. The marketer/developer/entrepreneur hybrid Brennan Dunn has figured out how to build on top of Drip.js and the custom fields capabilities to build legitimately brilliant stuff. Stuff like: - using slide-in survey widgets to progressively profile prospects (question 1: "are you a designer, a developer, a marketer, videographer or writer?" Question 2: "how many people work at your company: 1-10, 11-50, 51-100, etc"). Every answer the prospect clicks gets stored as a custom field ("role: developer"; "team size; 1-10") and to customize the messages on the website and follow up email campaigns accordingly. - tracking individual site activity to "passively profile" every visitor. So if they read 80% of your articles on "topic x", and "45% on topic y" and "0% on topic z", their data in Drip gets updated with tags ("Deep engagement - topic x") and custom fields "Consumed topic x: 80%") Then there's Drip's brilliant implementation of Visual workflows and liquid templating, which allow clever marketers and developers to create really powerful automation sequences based on all the data you collect in Drip or anywhere else if you also use Zapier. Say you have a webinar coming up. One person signs up a week beforehand and another two days beforehand. Using Drip's workflows, event-tracking capabilities, and liquid templating engine, it's trivial to configure the follow up sequence so the person who signed up one week out gets the full nurturing sequence but the person who signed up two days out gets something much shorter. And you can wire up Zapier/Twilio/Drip to follow up by SMS or even by phone call, too. And you can use all the data you have on the prospect with liquid's "if/or" logic to customize a single email with multiple different permutations: "If role: designer" you show designer-specific messaging. But "if role:developer" the messaging would be more technical. While some of those capabilities are available in any marketing app that supports liquid, Drip brings them together in the most powerful, flexible, and user-friendly package on the market. And it keeps getting better, recently making these workflows "shareable" across Drip accounts. Nothing else comes close in the low/mid-market. And Mailchimp, which was built on the "newsletter" paradigm (vs Drip's automation/workflow paradigm) is structurally ill-equippped to catch up. Mailchimp should be very afraid. The enterprise market players should be too.
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    Sam Rye
    Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen · Written
    Email-centric automated marketing, pioneer of visual workflows.
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    Ortto AI Subject Line Writer

    Predict open rate before you send an email

    Tejas Kinger
    Tejas KingerPMM @ Plum | Prev. @ Freshworks Hiver · Written
    One of the easiest marketing automation tools that exist in the market today. I love the flow-chart based, graphical UI.
    Sam Rye
    Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen · Written
    Probably the lowest of the customer-database centric products, and visual workflows.
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    Salesflare CRM

    Simple yet powerful CRM for small businesses selling B2B

    Salesflare’s email workflows are the best and easiest solution for sending personal emails at scale. You can’t tell that it’s not actually you who personally sent the email and the emails land in the main inbox (not in the “Promotions” tab in Gmail or “Other” tab in Outlook.com). My emails are opened, read, clicked and replied to way more often since I started sending through Salesflare. It’s all built into the CRM, so I don’t have to juggle with .csv files either. And they have simple pricing so there are no hidden fees or huge price increases between packages.
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    Personalized editorial for your company's social media

    Aanshika Bhatnagar
    Aanshika BhatnagarContent Unicorn @getRefR 🦄 🌈 · Written
    Not exactly marketing automation but social media automation, especially for early stage startups’ founders as they already have a lot on their plate. For some of us startups even at early stage its crucial to be socially active and RefR personalises content curation to achieve that. PS: I work with RefR. We take care of your social media’s curation so that you don’t have to worry about social media and level up on other aspects of your startup.
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    An all-new Intercom

    A bold aesthetic. Simplified navigation. Faster workflows.

    Sam Rye
    Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen · Written
    I'd say Intercom is gold standard if you have the extra budget.
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    Crisp 2.0

    All-in-one solution to communicate with your customers

    Crisp is a very complete software. You can easily set drip campaigns based on specific users events so that you can sit and relax and just watch how your users are dealing with their lifecycle. Marketing Automation at Crisp offers 2 solutions : Automated (drip) campaigns based on users events and one-shot campaigns. The main advantage is that you can either chose to send email or in-app messaging (or both) through the live chat so that you have more channels to reach your target. Furthermore, thanks to the Live Chat, you can also send triggered messages through the chat box to website visitors so that you can engage very easily with your visitors ! A perfect way to get feedback as a young startups :) You even can build chatbots so that your customer service can earn efficiency while working on what they are the best at : advice. Finally, Crisp offers very interesting pricing regarding startups and is really fair on SMB's price. Happy to help :)
    We are early users, and this became our main communication and onboarding tool. Amazed by how fast they develop new features.
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    Customer communication tool for support, marketing & sales

    Daniil Kopilevych
    Daniil KopilevychSaaS Growth Marketer · Written
    Daniil Kopilevych made this product
    HelpCrunch is very to set up and use. Check it out https://helpcrunch.com/
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    Marketing automation that drives revenue

    Andrus Purde
    Andrus PurdeCo-founder of Outfunnel. · Written
    Andrus Purde made this product
    Deeply integrates with CRM's such as Pipedrive, Hubspot CRM and Copper. And pricing is very startup-friendly.
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    HubSpot Growth Stack

    Tools that grow with your business.

    Araix Rand
    Araix RandBook Publicist and Blogger · Written
    Try Hubspot, Best marketing automation with lots of online sales tools
    Second to none, it's Free.
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    MailChimp Snap

    Send simple, photo-based email campaigns from your phone.

    Alexander Thomsen
    Alexander ThomsenHead of Product at Sparrow Ventures · Written
    I moved from drip to mailchimp as it provides automated marketing for a larger user base for free + with good analytics and loads of templates and support tools.
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    Increase newsletter open rate with artificial intelligence.

    This tool provides a wide range of functions for a reasonable price even in the free mode. It's possible not only to send emails but use web pushes and create subscription forms as well. The service provides 15 000 free emails and 12 000 free transactional emails if you need them, too.
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    ActiveCampaign Deals CRM for iOS

    Thousands of won deals in your pocket.

    MarcHackerpreneur Mag & Letterlist.com · Written
    This is what I use. Contenders for me are Drip, Convertkit, and Mautic.
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    CleverTap Emotion Editor

    Write impactful marketing copy with the optimal emotion mix

    Ernesto Cohnen
    Ernesto CohnenCo-Founder, triporate.com · Written
    With a decent freemium model. Email + SMS + App Push + In-web push ... All in one single tool. I´ve used on small products and also on a 5Million MAU without issues.
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    Take your Gmail game to the next level

    Allan Caeg
    Allan CaegFounder, NorthStories.io · Written
    At an early stage, you want a good combination of automation and personalization. I use Vocus.io to 'automate' my outreach using Gmail. It's on top of my natural email flow. The automation include mail merge, templates, open & click tracking, etc
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    Convert leads & retain customers with marketing automation

    Palash Bagchi made this product
    While you have free tools like Mautic, let's not forget the expense of hosting it and maintaining it. Moreover Mautic works for experienced people, and it is complex too. The question here is specifically for early stage startups, hence recommending expensive or complex products may not result in offering a guided assistance. Try Retainly, built with enterprise grade, but priced to be most affordable in the world, what else will an early stage startup need? Beautiful application, with some very different and unique features too. Startups are enjoying it.
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    InstaFame™: Targeted Instagram Followers & Leads, daily!
    Roy Taylor
    Roy TaylorCEO, InstaFame™ · Written
    Roy Taylor made this product
    Honestly, in my experience Ads on most platforms are too expensive for most start-up businesses. I started my own instagram automated marketing platform. it drives daily traffic to your gram, and even gets leads (results depend on your content!). Try it out for $1 using the code 1DOLLAR LINK: www.instafame.social
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    PipeDrive CRM

    Effortless pipeline management.

    Pipedrive's features: Make sure you have total visibility Let no deal slip through the cracks Boost your productivity Create records you can rely on Optimise your sales process Pipeline management: Reminders and notifications Sales reporting 80+ integrations, API access Sales forecasting Reliability & safety Powerful import & export of data Google Apps integration iPhone and Android apps Customize everything: Add custom fields and pipeline stages Work with their open API Switch off features you don’t need There’s more than one road to close a sale – the ball is in your court. You decide what customizations should be tailored to fit your company’s style and make selling an even better experience for your whole team.
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    Free IMAP mailbox integration for effective email marketing

    Iliya Garakh
    Iliya GarakhCo-founder & CTO at Passwork · Written
    Iliya Garakh made this product
    A tiny email client available on any web page. Free and open source
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    Agile CRM
    Saketh Rasakatla
    Saketh RasakatlaSr. Digital Marketer · Written
    Why should you choose Agile CRM especially if you are a startup? Because Agile CRM has been rated the best by: - G2Crowd - Capterra - TrustRadius It currently serves over 14,000 businesses across the globe! It's FREE and has a simple UI with over 50+ features. Try and do share your feedback! (www.agilecrm.com) Agile CRM is the only comprehensive, end-to-end CRM that delivers sales, marketing and support automation to help small and medium businesses manage all parts of the customer journey, from a single platform, in order to drive sustainable, scalable growth. By providing an end-to-end solution that can manage every aspect of your business, Agile CRM sets itself apart from the competition by letting you drastically reduce the number of applications you need to manage different parts of your business. The platform offers an open API that enables users to integrate with numerous third-party applications, as well as develop their own custom widgets to integrate additional applications. Plus, the SaaS system lives in the cloud and is fully mobile-ready, making it a true next-generation solution. The solution is highly scalable with a very attractive price point. This makes Agile CRM the perfect solution for small businesses looking to grow sustainably.