Best iPhone 7 Plus case that holds multiple SIM cards?

When I'm traveling I tend to have a couple of SIM cards I bring along plus the little pin to remove the SIM card tray. I'm looking for a simple case for the iPhone 7 Plus that has room to hold at least one SIM card and the little pin. Edit: to clarify I'm not looking to get multiple numbers on my phone. I have different SIM cards when traveling through different countries and need a way to store them.
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    Next level phone case - 2nd screen, extra battery, SIM

    Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)VP Operations @ Product Hunt · Written
    This case although on Kickstarter has delivery available for August this year, so unfortunately not available immediately it can hold multiple SIMs and could be with you for late summer travels.
  2. KateMarketer; prev Product Hunt, GitHub · Written
    This isn't a case; rather, it allows you to eliminate the need for physical sim cards by giving you multiple phone numbers, digitally.
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    A smart phone number

    Nick AbouzeidMarketing @ MainStreet · Written
    Copying off of Kate - Listen is a free second number for calls/texts built into your phone. No need to switch, and it piggy backs off your data. Convenient when you need to list a public phone number but don't want spam calls 24/7!