Juhan KaarmaCo-founder @www.chatcreate.com

What's the best tool to test your ecommerce business idea?

I'm looking to start an eCommerce business. Before building a full blown ecommerce store on Shopify which takes quite a bit of time, I'd love to get something like a landing page out there but with the funcitonality of ecommerce. What's the best tool for validating if i have a product market fit?
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    Idea Hunt

    Solve specific challenges for your favorite products

    Atta ⚡️Founder, AcquireBase 🌱 · Written
    This is the best-known platform to validate the idea.
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    Paperform v2

    Make beautiful forms in minutes

    Christopher WattsSoftware Development Engineer · Written
    One of the best ways to test your idea might be creating a mock-up ecommerce website and doing group testing with it. You can use Paperform to do this - the level of customization is very high, you can generate lots of surveys to get honest opinions from your testers and basically get a good idea on how your product is doing.