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What is your favorite app to track your habits?

I know it exists tons of different habit trackers especially on mobile devices. What do you use to track your activities and habits when you want to get an overview on them and improve yourself ?
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    Delightful habit tracker for iOS 8 with Today view widget

    Daniel Rivera
    Daniel RiveraA designer with an app addiction. · Written
    Super minimal and easy to use. I think it's the best habit tracker out there.
    Simple way to track things you want to do everyday, plus syncing between mobile and desktop. (Unfortunately it's been a while since it's been updated)
    Been using Momentum for some time, super easy and clean UI. Works for me! 😏
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    Simple and beautiful habit tracker

    Joan Boixadós
    Joan BoixadósDoing things every day at · Written
    Joan Boixadós made this product
    Don't break the chain! Minimalistic app with a nice overview of your habits and progress. It also has reminders to keep you on track :)
    Helder S Ribeiro
    Helder S RibeiroSoftware engineer and aspiring teacher · Written
    I can't count the number of days I got something done just because I wanted to "please" everydayCheck. That's when you know a habit tracker works. Everything else is fluff. And it's elegant and to the point.
    • A year ago, I was using a permanent marker to color in squares on my calendar. Good days were blacked out and bad days got an 'x'. Building habits is as simple as two weeks in a row. I feel like EverydayCheck has taken that simple habit tracker to the next level—with tracking multiple habits, super cool visualization, and access to tracking across devices, everywhere I go.

    • Keeps me really focused on my habits.

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    Analytics on your daily habits and productivity

    Thilina Solomons
    Thilina SolomonsEntrepreneur, iOS Developer · Written
    Helps me keep track of bad social media habbits. For example it has helped me limiting daily facebook time
    • Michael Bennett
      Michael BennettMarketing, sales, operations.

      I love Rescuetime and have used it for more than a year. Affordable and a great way to manage how you are spending your time. It's not yet a full solution, and will need to expand to iOS mobile and also provide a more robust solution for offline tracking.

    • Alexander Romanov
      Alexander RomanovChief Financial Officer

      Extremely helpful tool if one struggles to improve his/her daily productivity.

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    Way of Life 3

    The ultimate habit maker and breaker

    joshua bradley
    joshua bradleyPassionate about making life better · Written
    Super lightweight (only requires a minute or so p/day) making it more likely to use it—simple in design, but incredibly effective.
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  5. Tomer Aharon
    Tomer AharonCo-Founder of Poptin · Written
    Really easy to use. Simple and functional UI design.
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    Make a streak out of your habits

    Super simple, clean and straightforward.
    Gregor Nobis
    Gregor NobisFull time product enthusiast · Written
    Trying to start small, I quickly tried a few trackers. HabitBull was the only one that allowed five not three habits in the free version so I went with it. And I have liked it. Now that I have found habit tracking really helps me improve I will re-evaluate some apps to see where to put my money. HB is definitely an option.
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    The to-do list that helps you form good habits.

    Jijo Sunny
    Jijo SunnyMaker @💰&🕵 · Written
    Best habit tracker I've come across. Simple and elegant UI. Maximum 6 habits - it helps us prioritise.
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  8. Danny Guo
    Danny GuoSoftware developer · Written
    Best one that I've found for Android.
  9. Martin Posta
    Martin PostaCreative producer · Written
    Ease of use and intuitive interface
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    Instant coaching for any goal

    smknstdWeb developer · Written
    I like as it is available in the browser, but it is really focus on coaching and lack a simple interface. They have some tools to get an overview of your activity for one specific habit but it is poorly designed...
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    Instant 5.0

    Personal analytics, now with a new dashboard & goals

    Shashwat Pradhan
    Shashwat PradhanCEO/Founder @emberify · Written
    Shashwat Pradhan made this product
    If you are looking for a more automatic approach then you should try Instant. It automatically tracks phone usage, places, fitness, travel & sleep.
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    Get perspective on your habits and get a better you

    Leo Celi
    Leo CeliFounder @fuguewatches · Written
    Habits based tracking tool
    smknstdWeb developer · Written
    smknstd made this product
    Track your habits in a beautiful and minimal calendar. Our main goal is to help you gain perspective on your habits and get an overview on how you're consistent. We promise, it will help you to form new habits. Just start getting a better you!
  13. arina_kayea
    arina_kayeaMarketing Manager · Written
    The best task and time tracking software
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    Productive for iOS

    Build good habits. Organize your life.

    GRNAspiring entrepreneur. · Written
    The pro version of Productive is free for the Product Hunt community!
  15. Bill Skinner
    Bill SkinnerOwner of Bisk Media. Husband. · Written
    Tracks your habits with daily reminders, paper clips, and achievements. Very simple to use.
  16. Web & iOS. It let's you track your weight (for example) and not just "yes/no" habits like other apps.