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Lyondhur PicciarelliSimple is Licious

If you could only have 3 apps on your mobile device, what would they be?

Do not consider the stock apps that come with your device, be it iOS, Android or any other OS. Do consider the 3 (three) apps you really could not afford living without and please share why. Note: You can recommend 1 via link and then mention the 2 remaining ones in the comments. Cheers.
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    Instagram 8

    A new look for Instagram

    Vinh Pham🀀 · Written
    Instagram is my preferred method for keeping in touch with my friends and colleagues since I don't use Facebook. It's the first and last app I check every day, and it's a great source for cat videos 🐱
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    Tweetbot 4

    The Twitter app w/ personality, reimagined for iOS 9 & iPad

    Vinh Pham🀀 · Written
    Twitter is how I get my news and Tweetbot is how I access it. I may not post a whole lot, but I check it throughout the day. I can't think of a better app in any category that's designed as well as Tweetbot.
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    Insight Timer 1.5

    The best free meditation timer, redesigned

    joshua bradleyPassionate about making life better Β· Written
    Daily meditation is not far down from food in my priorities and Insight Timer is my favorite app for tracking, connecting and getting guided meditations as needed. My next 2 would be Strava and Instagram as pretty much all the rest can be done via the web.
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    Reddit App

    The official app for Android & iOS. Meow.

    Kuba RogalskiContent Writer at LiveChat Β· Written
    There's too much interesting content on Reddit not to have their app on the phone. The other two would be Instagram and Spotify. I am not much of a photographer but can't imagine my life without taking pics every now and then. And what would life be without music?
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    Lawrence NingCo-founder, PhD student Β· Written
    I will keep one that brings the news, one that masters my emails and one that shares my photos. Maybe I am a British, I tend to use BBC News. I can live with Apple News. I use iPhone's email client. It's fine, although my friends say InBox is better. The last one is tricky but not so tricky. It has to be Facebook-involved - Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp. I got many groups on Facebook, so I would opt for Facebook then.
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    VariFlight-Live on Time
    This one, for those who fly often. It provides the most accurate flight status info, so I can always keep track of where I am exactly, and, most importantly, when I should arrive to one location or the other. Hasn't failed me so far.