HameemSoftware Engineer

What are some drag and drop static website builders (preferably free)?

I am looking for desktop or online website builders that have elements such as divs, forms, buttons etc. One will be able to drag and drop them and the program will generate the corresponding HTML/CSS codes automatically. Thanks.
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    Weebly 4

    A complete platform to run your business online

    Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen · Written
    Weebly is impressive, but less slick than Squarespace, but still worth a look!
    Thalassa van BeekOnline Marketing | Digital Nomad · Written
    Yep, +1 for Weebly. So easy to use!
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    Squarespace 7

    The easiest, most powerful Squarespace ever

    Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen · Written
    Pretty much gold standard.
  3. 1

    Free drag & drop mobile friendly website builder. No coding.

    Bettina R.Artist bettinadraws.com · Written
    I'm using Mobirise for both versions of my website: The "Coming Soon" page which is live now and the official version which is still in the making. Very easy and 100% free, my only expense was the domain.
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    Webflow CMS

    Build professional dynamic websites without any code

    Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications · Written
    It's much more than static but choosing a template or even starting from scratch is pretty easy to drag and drop the elements you are looking for. They have a pretty handy guide and resources to get started. You can export the HTML/CSS with a click of a button
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    Make workspaces and sites automatically from Google Drive

    Eugen Plesatech enthusiast · Written
    If you use G Suite/Google Drive, this will be the easiest way to create sites by dragging & dropping the elements which you've mentioned (as well as others). You can also share the sites with external users (no Google logins needed), or publicly.