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What's the best travel map to document all cities & countries one has traveled to?

I use TripAdvisor frequently but they only allow me to input countries I've been to (even some small island don't make the cut) but I'd also like to track the cities I've visited as well.
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    Keep up & meet up with your friends (Foursquare unbundled)

    Ryan HooverFounder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund · Written
    This might be an obvious recommendation but Foursquare's Swarm makes it easy to track everywhere you've been and delivers interesting reports and metrics.
    Ken YeungTechnology Editor at Flipboard · Written
    When I traveled to Hong Kong and really got to explore the city, keeping track of the locations and places I visited was important because you can also have photos and comments/reviews. Additionally you can also look back a year later to reminisce. The problem is the "map" isn't something you can embed elsewhere or do more with.
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    Mapme Stories

    Tell stunning stories through maps

    Ben Lang made this product
    You can use Mapme Stories to create a custom, interactive map of cities/places you've visited. Disclosure I worked on this previously
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    The story of your life that writes itself.

    This is the easiest journaling app I've used. I travel a lot, so this gives me the options of writing things as they come while I'm abroad. Not only that, it also creates a history with the places I've been to and the people I've met, so I can go back and always look through my travels.
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    Activity tracking without gadgets

    Jack DweckSenior Product Manager at Rakuten · Written
    Moves tracks everywhere you go automatically. I leave the app running in the background and have it connected to Gyroscope, where I can see beautiful maps of where I've been.
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    Keep track of the cities you have visited

    Akshay ArunkumarApplications Developer, Ofss · Written
    Akshay Arunkumar made this product
    Its a simple web app to keep track of all the places you have visited on an interactive map. It also allows to rate and review any city after adding it to the map.
  6. I've made this website after the "Where I've been" app from Tripadvisor has been discontinued, but now with far more functions (e.g. you can track how many times and when was your last visit to a certain city, track visited regions, states and countries, flown miles, traveled miles, organize your next trips and much more). I'll be very happy if you join. It's free of course.
  7. RoadGoat is this up and coming travel map. What's cool about it is that you can sync your travel data from a ton of sources including FourSquare, Facebook, email (when you've made reservations to restaurants), Fitbit, Instagram, Garmin, TripIt, Google location history, and more. It pretty much syncs this data automatically so it's pretty easy to populate your travel map without all the manual input. It also has a leaderboard feature which is cool, and gives you the chance to rate the cities / countries you've been to Yelp style. They pretty much revived the Trip Advisor Travel Map!!