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I used couple of tab saver + optimizer plugins and tools to solve this problem. Eventhough it helped me in the short run, I realized that all this was a band-aid fix. The reason being the feeling of unread articles/insights was still running in the back of my mind, causing cognitive load. I finally decided that more than tools, a workflow needs to be setup for this : On Mobile : 1. Uninstall all browsers (chrome, firefox, safari etc) and keep only Firefox Focus and make it as default. It prevents you from going crazy with number of tabs. Everytime you're finished browsing, you cleanup the table, literally. 2. I installed pocket app and before I cleanup the tabs in Firefox Focus, I move the URLs to pocket app. On Web : 1. Since Firefox Focus is not available on the web, I'm having to do use Firefox / chrome. But I make sure End of Day or Start of Next Day first thing I do is to clean up tabs, close the browser and start fresh. 2. I have pocket browser plugin installed, which saves all the URLs and helps tagging them. What this has done for me : - I have a single place to see all my articles, searchable based on tags. - Every article now becomes an actionable task - Mark as read, Archive Or Delete.