Vivaldi 1.0

A new browser from the original Opera co-founder

Jon McCullough
Jon McCulloughGrowth at Vivaldi · Edited
I use Vivaldi. I also work at Vivaldi. :) The browser has a lot of built-in functionality to manage loads of tabs and keep things manageable (and it's compatible with Chrome Extensions). Built-in: - Tab stacking to create custom groups of tabs and declutter. - Lazy loading. Only load the active tab on start-up. Really handy when opening all the billion tabs from your last session. - Tab hibernation to kill memory usage for background tabs. Tabs will only be refreshed again when you click on them. - Saved sessions (e.g. open a 'work' session to open all the tabs you use day-to-day at work) And lots more. We've come a long way since the 1.0 product page here on PH - check out https://vivaldi.com for the latest!
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