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What is your #1 product of all time? Why?

Personally mine is Splitwise, this is one of the first apps I install on my phone. It's simple and just works also saves me the headache of IOU's
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    Any song. One tap away.

    Kate51Community + Product @ Product Hunt · Written
    This is my favorite app of all time. I've tried what seems like every music app on the market, but Spotify is BY FAR the best one I've found. From discovery to playlist creation / listening, it's perfection! I recommend it to everyone (and totally judge anyone who isn't already on the platform).
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    Jakub Rogalski35Community Manager at Brand24 · Written
    After thinking about this question for a couple of minutes, I figured it has to be Spotify. I listen to music at home, on the way to work and at work as well and it's just so convenient to have it all in one place, whether it's on my phone or computer. From the professional standpoint, it would have to be https://brand24.com. It's a web monitoring tool I use alongside TweetDeck. As a community manager and a marketer, I need to stay on top of all relevant brand and industry mentions on social media and any other places online, and the tool keeps me alert at all times.
    Amaël Sikel4Social Media & SEO Manager at Genymobile · Written
    First app I install, no matter what the device is. Using it from morning to night. Home, commute, work... It's always on.
  2. Kevin Lou6Founder, Anytable 🍜 · Written
    If it weren't for Slack, our company would operate much slower than it does now. It is hands down my absolute essential product. It gets the job done, and looks great!
    Umit AkcanDesigner, lives in 🇰🇷 · Written
    Slack is my favorite product of all time. Can't imagine how I can work without it :)
    My Favorite product all time.
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    Product Hunt 4.0

    Now with Reviews, Badges, Web Links, and more ✨

    Kunal Bhatia47Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    I guess this is kind of meta^2? Ask PH about your #1 hunted product, which happens to be PH. 😹 But in all seriousness, I wouldn't know about most of my favorite products had it not been for PH.
    Stefan Theofilos8UI/UX Designer, Lucro Solutions · Written
    I've developed a habit where Product Hunt is one of the first sites I view every morning.
    Bart DiksR&D 4 3Dynamisch, way 2 busy these days · Written
    Even before I check my mail, I check Producthunt
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    Vector only UI design

    Bryce DanielCo-Founder & CEO @ Nubko · Written
    I spend far too many hours in this app, but not because of poor productivity. I just find it useful for every design-related thing I do from web to print media.
    Jonno RiekwelProduct Designer · Written
    It has changed my profession forever :) I spend about 4 to 7 hours every day in this app.
    Luca BurgioVisual Designer · Written
    Light years ahead Photoshop.
  5. I generally spend most of my time on my phone inside my Pocket catching up on articles. I also love their discovery engine for finding new things to read. Definitely my #1.
    Mark CialoneStrategy & Analytics @LinkedIn · Written
    Absolute #1, it makes prioritizing content a breeze. When you get an article in your email or see something in a newsletter, and you don't have time to read a 45 min long article, send it to pocket. I also pair with text-to-speech when my article count gets high so I can breeze through it all. Highly recommend!
    Pranay DesaiFreshdesk Inc. · Written
    The save button for the internet!
  6. So other than a paper notebook, Gmail? But both are too common...
    Chris FranksFounder Mad Smarts · Written
    Simply the best email experience ever invented.
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    Trent BigelowCofounder @ Track.tax · Written
    Even though I prefer Outlook for iOS over the Gmail iOS app itself, I could not imagine not using Gmail. The only product I rely on every day. Powering both my personal and work email since 2004.
  7. Ashish NerkarSoftware engineer · Written
    My #1 product of "all time" is the Google Search Engine. There hasn't been a day when I haven't used it. Its search quality is unparalleled.
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    Ilya LibinIndie Hacker, Micropreneur · Written
    The only reason google search not on the first place of that list is because it built-in our everyday life so you hardly think of it as a product but as a home infra
    One of the greatest tools of the internet, find one tool that has had a greater impact than Google Search.
  8. Kate51Community + Product @ Product Hunt · Written
    I LOVE 1Password! Turns out, using the same password for everything is NOT a safe option, but my brain doesn't have the capacity to remember the hundreds of different ones I've created for every website. That's where 1Password comes in like a knight in shining armor 🙏 Not only does it "remember" all of my passwords, but it can create / recommend new passwords FOR me so they're crazy secure.
    I don't know what would I do without 1password...
    Dustin KnopoffStudent, CS/Design · Written
    Always the first app I download.
  9. Wadie AbbasProduct Analyst, Homeyou · Written
    Netflix has grown to be America's new TV set. I cannot remember the last time I sat down in my living room and watched a show. Netflix has now been producing their own shows that are only available on their service. The high quality shows and movies, ranging from "Beasts of No Nation" to "House of Cards", feature some top-notch actors and actresses as well. Their self-produced shows and movies also provide a high value proposition for their users. Netflix is a great service but it does have one major downside. The wait time for your favorite show or movie to hit their streaming library can get a little annoying.
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    Clear, effective, mistake-free writing.

    mldennisCOO, Idea Engineer · Written
    Needed a real-time writing check app to make things great. Using it right now.
    Use it on all devices
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    Organize anything, together

    Because of wide and great ability in ordering and organizing everything in all time on each device
    SmokieSmokie Does Stuff · Written
    Trello helps me manage everything from shopping lists to web development projects. And it's free. And their work culture is astounding.
    Paul HarrisonSecurity Manager · Written
    Started using Trello two months ago. It's made me and our team more organized and LOVE the mobile app.
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    Gemini 2.0

    The intelligent duplicate file finder for your Mac

    Alexander YemelyanovProduct Manager at MacPaw · Written
    The best duplicate finder for MacOS. It's smart, laser accurate, and recovers tons of space on your Mac. Moreover, Gemini allows you to delete similar photos from your photo gallery very quickly and conveniently.
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    Note taking gets even simpler

    Giacomo LawranceAuthor of thenerdystudent.com · Written
    Use it to take all my notes, whether at home on the go. Amazing!
    mago07ceo MIAMI AD SCHOOL MEXICO · Written
    I use it every day
    Mee too. One of my favorite productivity tool.
  14. Nikolay BarakovFounder Courierun · Written
    I stopped using the flash drive. They are dusting in a box with floppy disks.
    Simply the best collaboration tool.
    Don't know how to live without it
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    Google Photos 2.0

    Free storage & automatic organization for all your memories

    Set it and forget it on your mobile device. I never have to worry about the photos I take. Everything goes to Google Photos, and I can clean off my phone's storage once I know there up in the cloud. This is one service that Google totally nailed for its value, ease of use and intelligence.
    Moiz DahodwalaEntrepreneur, Happy Soul · Written
    This has sorted my life in the most poetically delightful way possible. The albums, the auto-backups and the search is just super amazing.
    Jeffrey WymanAt the intersection of Tech and Business · Written
    by far one of the most delightful ways to relive your experiences
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    Amazingly simple graphic design

    Veasna OnnBuilding Something Useful · Written
    A simple, yet powerful tool that allows everyone to be a designer....I immediately fell in love with it.
    Mostafa Md Reyad RahmanThe Brain Behind $1 Educational Platform · Written
    Canva is super easy and amazing time saving software for non-graphic-designer developer. It has been saving my times since I started using it! <3
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    Messenger for WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Slack & Hipchat

    Franz is the best app I've used in my Mac. Apart from integrating all my main communication platforms, it got me out of the "e-mail client paradox of choice" by using Google Inbox.
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    Turn your entire life into a list.

    It's just the best brain extension and augmentation tool ever created by humanity:)
    Michael Kennedyuser experience researcher · Written
    Came here to recommend this. I use workflowy to essentially map my mental model. I use it as a task manager, I use it as a brainstorm tool, and I use it to collaborate. glad to see it on the list already
    WorkFlowy is the first app I open when I wake up and the last I close at night. And in between all that, it handles to manage my whole work and personal life. So obviously my vote goes to WF.
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  19. Benjamin DelespierreHey, I'm a developper! · Written
    Very user friendly, versatile, and resilient. A must have, totally replaced my ol' Notebook.
    samAssistant Principal. Father of twins. · Written
    Simple yet highly effective. I was a long time user of Evernote. I made the switch just prior to Keep adding labels. I have never looked back.
    n8oI am an App collector · Written
    It is quick and easy, simple to use, uncluttered and clean interface. Syncs easily across devices. Elegant app
  20. Of all time? Shazam! It's practically magic! The amount of music I have discovered due to it is just unbelievable.
    Jason Mercerco-founder of cooler · Written
    agreed - when i first used this app my mind was blown. Was the most magical experience ever. Still the greatest single button apps there is...