Sam Rye
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What tools exist for developing and presenting a content marketing strategy?

I know I can use Google Docs / Slides to create a stale 'report' style presentation, but i'm interested in any tools which may be more interactive, collaborative or able to then flow through to execution.
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    Visualize your marketing strategy and drive growth

    This is the only one I have found so far, but it's quite high level, and doesn't seem to flow into execution.
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    Living presentations and documents.

    Has a content marketing template. Very lightweight. Not really good enough for what I'm after, but it's there.
  3. Focused on content planning, rather than strategy tho
  4. Anastasiia
    AnastasiiaBusiness Developer · Written
    The app is especially for strategy planning, and they provide 21 days free trial. Synchronization and Share options are very helpful. Just try, it should solve your problem.
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