Shashwat PradhanCEO/Founder @emberify

Is there a photos to video slideshow app for iOS like Animoto?

Need to put a few a few photos together with a background music and captions
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  1. Emily SalshutzSocial Marketing Manager at Animoto · Written
    Animoto has an app on iOS! You can combine photos, add music, and including captions with it.
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    Create animated videos that stand out on social media

    Paul IngallsFounder & CEO, Ripl Inc. · Written
    Paul Ingalls made this product
    Ripl can take you from a few photos to a great video in a few minutes. And it was born on iOS
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  3. Mark Allen BrazealIndie CF Business Developer · Written
    Contenter is a fast way to create eye-catching video on mobile especially for sharing on social media. Simply select images, insert text, and cycle through automated text designs and licensed background music.
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    Quik by GoPro

    Easiest way to create awesome videos

    Shashwat PradhanCEO/Founder @emberify · Written
    This worked out quite good. Not as customisable as animoto tho.
  5. iMovie may not be as robust in creative options as some of the dedicated apps, but it's free and does what it needs to do quite well. Just start a new project, select the photos you want, change the transitions, add music, and you're done.
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  6. Magisto is the simplest and fastest way to create high quality professional videos without having to deal with editing, adjusting, or manually selecting effects etc. If you have all the footage on your device, make a video in just 5 min. Available on iOS, Android and on
  7. Tiep VuCEO of unstatic · Written
    Tiep Vu made this product
    We just release an app that solved this problem, this is better Animoto because you can preview your video right away, no need for waiting server to render and also a lot of beautiful slideshow templates.