Stefan Theofilos
Stefan TheofilosProduct Designer, Entrepreneur

What's your favorite bookmark manager for Chrome?

What is your favorite Chrome extension for managing bookmarks?
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    See what everyone are bookmarking

    🤔Co-Founder (Also founder) of Nothing · Written
    Why? Easy usage, viewer feature (that's really cool), nice UI, social and more specs!
    • Really loving the ui and minimalist design. The tagging system that includes colour codes is also great. It's exactly what I've been looking for to use as a bookmarking archive / read later / mood board combination app. I'm excited to see how it continues to grow and develop.

    • Adelaida Parsyan
      Adelaida ParsyanBiochemistry Student

      Best bookmark manager out there by far in terms of features. I've tried it all and this just beats them all.

  2. 1
    Bookmark OS 2.0

    Powerful bookmark manager with AI and a browser-based GUI

    Really easy to use and intuitive interface that is also powerful.
    • Pros (cont'd): I am using it with Opera also. (I found buttons at BookmarkOS, while using Opera, that I could move onto the Opera bar.)

      Cons (cont'd): The Firefox extension giving access to the BookmarkOS desktop opens a fixed window that is too small for my preference. I removed the extension from Firefox and made the BookmarkOS desktop my homepage in Firefox. (I got rid of the extraneous, intermediate, "bookmarks" folder from the upload.) The folder names start with whole numbers that order them and ahead of them come a few individual, much-used bookmarks (like Google Advanced Search) with names starting with, for example, 0.1 to put them ahead of the folders, just where I want them.

  3. Jozsef Torsan
    Jozsef TorsanJava EE software engineer · Written
    Clean UI, easy to use, multiple browser support (including mobile), advanced tag management