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Pete Allport
Pete AllportFounder Orchrd

What's the best VPN service? (preferably free)

I'm looking for a VPN solution for both Macs & PCs. It'd be nice if it were free but I'd be willing to pay a one-time amount.
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  1. Alan Khanukaev
    Alan KhanukaevStrategic Planner · Written
    Also, I know the new version of Opera has a free VPN built right into the browser. Although I have heard that there are privacy and security concerns now that Opera is own by a Chinese company - don't know if that's a truly the case, but just what I heard.
  2. Using it for some time and mostly happy, goes as a Chrome extension but seems to also support plenty of other options (iOS, Mac etc).
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    Secure your data and hide your IP address behind a bear.

    gokulNot a fanboy. Tech enthusiast. · Written
    +1 for Tunnelbear. You can use it on 5 devices concurrently. On a side-note - If a VPN is free, you are almost the 'fee' for it. Your data will almost be used to sell. When it comes to VPN, I'm of the opinion that it is best to pay for a good service that has good privacy policies.