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What's the best app to help organise renovating a house?

I'm renovating my house soon and would like to keep track of design inspirations, and floor plans / layouts and also interior furnishings / paint etc.
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  1. Hubert AlexanderSenior Software Developer Β· Written
    I actually used an app called NoteLedge while helping my parents with their house renovations and it was quite helpful with keeping notes, idea collages, web images for inspiration and bookmarks organized and easy to share with my parents. The renovations mainly had to do with the kitchen and bathrooms, so we used NoteLedge to come up with color-schemes, import images from the web to add to our notes and keep everything organized. I personally found creating to-do lists and adding notes to my Google calendar the most helpful features, while my parents liked the organizational tools such as individual folders, sketching possibilities and voice notes. It was a long project, but with NoteLedge, tackling it wasn't too hard
    Clarence GarrisonJava Software Engineer Β· Written
    I personally used this app for renovating my kid's bedroom - gathering all kinds of images from inspirational web-sites, keeping a to-do list and checking off what's been done/what still needs to be done. My kids were involved in the process as well, selecting colors with swatches, browsing websites for new furniture, etc. I found it easy and enjoyable and recommend it for both small and large renovation projects.
    Buddy GreeneSenior Software Developer Β· Written
    Loved using this app for working on renovating my backyards. All the website links I was going to order items from were saved and separated into individual folders as well as images that served as my inspiration during the process. Convinient and useful.
  2. 4
    Raindrop.io 3.0

    Smart bookmark manager

    Vinh Pham🀀 · Written
    Raindrop is a cross between a bookmarking service like Pocket and a scrapbooking service like Pinterest. If you need to keep track of inspiration and create a wishlist for furnishings, then this is definitely worth checking out.
  3. 4
    Any.do: To-do list, Calendar & Reminders

    +20M people rely on Any.do to keep their lives under control

    Any.do20M People get things done with Any.do Β· Written
    Any.do made this product
  4. Vinh Pham🀀 · Written
    Another option worth checking out is Evernote. You can create different notebooks where you can save clipped websites, images, and create notes to keep track of your project. You can also collaborate with a partner through shared notes, which could be handy.