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What products can you recommend (that are needed) to start a podcast/vlog?

Thinking along the lines of: Mic, Headset, Editing software etc
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  1. Audio Hijack is super duper helpful for managing each mic, and also has other cool features such as recording both the mic and the system sound simultaneously, and recording Skype audio. It's a handy hub for podcasting. (It's also very customisable, so it can basically record and handle whatever you want it to.)
  2. Probably one of the better USB microphones for the price range if you don't want to get an XLR-based mic with a mixer. It's used by a lot of YouTubers, Twitch streamers, and podcasters. It goes on sale a lot, so keep an eye out for a price drop if you're interested. Be sure to get a pop filter, and preferably a shock mount too.
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