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    The to-do list that helps you form good habits.

    This is the app that I use. You can set up just about any kind of habit you want to form and it'll bug you about it until you've recorded a completion of the task or thing you want to do.
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    Productive for iOS

    Build good habits. Organize your life.

    AndyDilettante, probably reclining · Written
    Simple, pretty, easy to use, and flexible.
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    Delightful habit tracker for iOS 8 with Today view widget

    AleksandraProduct Marketing · Written
    I use Momentum to track my habits. I like it for being very simple.
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    Simple and beautiful habit tracker

    Joan Boixadós
    Joan BoixadósDoing things every day at everyday.app · Written
    Joan Boixadós made this product
    I initially developed everydayCheck for myself because I thought all the other apps were too cluttered with features I didn't need. Then I shared it with some friends and they loved it, so I decided to productize it. It's a minimalistic habit tracker that resembles a paper habit tracker as much as possible while taking advantage of the new techs, of course. Let me know what you think! :)
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    Creating habits and achieving goals, gamified.

    Gamification isn't for everyone. It is for me. Getting XP to level up my character and gold to buy quests, getting random item drops upon performing the task that I'm trying to habitify, all this works for me, really well. More things I love: joining a party of friends to complete quests without have to share my task+habit list, and free and open source with optional paid subscription and IAP (so happy to support this group of dedicated and talented individuals). It's far from perfect, but it's better than any other app I've so far tried—not technically, perhaps, but because I care enough to stick with it (in the same way that the best camera is the one you actually carry and use).
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    Do It Now
    Taras Lozovyi
    Taras LozovyiAndroid developer. · Written
    Taras Lozovyi made this product
    Great tool to track daily routine, build habits and get motivation to do things you don't want to do. Task setup is really flexible.