What's the best code editor for Mac?

I'm looking for a code editor with a good interface.
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8 recommended
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    A hackable text editor for the 21st Century

    This one is incredible. Use this now instead of Sublime text. Hundreds of plugins and themes to chose from.
  2. 7
    Sublime Text 3

    Sophisticated Text Editor For Code

    Yann3Product Enthusiast · Written
    Super efficient once configured with the plugins you like!
  3. Kyle Hess5Fintech Product Manager · Written
    Simple and easy to use. I think Atom has better extension support right now, but Visual Studio Code has a nice offering.
  4. Been using this over Sublime and Atom and liking it. Let the name of 'Visual Studio' not fool you. It is pretty lite.
  5. I've tried everything and nothing beats Vim for me. Super customizable. Works everywhere. The learning curve is awful, but I think it's worth it.
  6. 2

    Native text editor for Mac.

    Berk ÇebiDeveloper/Co-founder, Zeplin · Written
    If you're looking for a simple one, Chocolat is a good native one!
  7. Simon BrombergCTO @DashMD , sbromberg.com · Written
    Can use it for more than just iOS and Mac development
  8. 1

    Your development environment, in the cloud

    Faisal HassanMaker, Dvlpr Stash · Written
    IDE for any platform. It's cloud based so you can work from any machine without having to setup a development environment locally.