What is the best goal tracking app for iOS?

I use the iOS Reminders app to give me notifications everyday, to follow a new routine habit. But this app doesn't handle recurring reminders very well. It does accumulate completed reminders ... You can't change your routine for weekends ... The best app would allow me to set a specific routine for weekends, notify me every single day to follow my habits, and keep track of the goals I want to reach !
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  1. Jack DweckSenior Product Manager at Rakuten · Written
    Google Calendar has a really neat Goals feature on iOS. You set a goal like "meditate twice a week", and it will help you find time in your schedule and stick to it.
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    Delightful habit tracker for iOS 8 with Today view widget

    Momentum is very visual, easy to use and packs (notes, recurring habits, weekly goals, calendar widget in Todays view…). And it syncs with the (free) Mac app!
    AleksandraProduct Marketing · Written
    I have a premium version of Momentum and have been using it for more than a year. Premium version gives me unlimited number of habits/ routines, because I definitely need more than 3! I love the app for a very simple overview of my daily habits and my progress (how many days in a week I actually stick to them). Really recommend it!
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    Beautiful goal tracking for anything, all in one place.

    Sunil NeurgaonkarMarketing @ GTM Buddy (We're hiring) · Written
    A SMART goal and habit tracking app which will help you stay motivated and on track with flexible reminders and beautiful charts to help you achieve your goals.
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    The Fabulous

    Build structure and healthful habits into your life

    Shantanu RaghavProduct Guy @Mobiefit · Written
    Well designed with amazing user flow... they have repeated and strong communication inside the app which helps you work on goals and bring good habits.
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    Productive for iOS

    Build good habits. Organize your life.

    Andrea MageeCommunications Consultant · Written
    I like the setup of Productive, which allows you to create reoccurring habits from their list, or you can create your own. The interface is pleasant to use - it's one of the few apps I allow notifications on.
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    The to-do list that helps you form good habits.

    Chris GallelloFounder @ Purple.pm · Written
    Streaks changed my daily routine. I've found other apps way too complicated. This one is dead simple, but so well designed (not from a visual perspective - from the perspective of the whole experience) that it really works.
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    Instant coaching for any goal

    John AbabsehEpiphany Enthusiast · Written
    You can set goals, and join a community for that goal to encourage you to execute on goals to build new habits.
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    Habit List

    Manage habits w/ a clean interface showing streaks & trends

    AleksandraProduct Marketing · Written
    I also tried Habit List and love it for simplicity. Reminders are very helpful!
  9. Niyasa AroraNolimit - Best Goal Setting app · Written
    Nolimit goal setting app really meat your Goals feature on iOS. You set a goal, track your every activity and growth charts to help you achieve your goals.
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    Raise your consciousness, self-awareness, and mindfulness

    thomas rossStartup analyser and investor · Written
    A handy combination of behaviors and habits to focus on.
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    Instant 5.0

    Personal analytics, now with a new dashboard & goals

    Shashwat PradhanCEO/Founder @emberify · Written
    Shashwat Pradhan made this product
    We launched Instant Goals with our last release. You can set goals which will trigger automatically for phone usage, sleep and steps.
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    Month to Master

    Learn anything in 30 days, with the help of an AI coach

    David Adamudesigner of the future 🦄✨ · Written
    Month to Master is a chatbot that helps you set monthly goals.
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    Habitify 3.0

    A free iOS habit tracker with data analytics

    Tiep VuCEO of unstatic · Written
    Tiep Vu made this product
  14. It basically let you create goals, reminders, tasks and much more for free. There are other good apps but for frugal folks like myself, I like free and rich in features
    Jake SullyApp enthusiast and tech savvy · Written
    Just saw this one while I was searching for something new. Looks promising
    I like it. Been using it with my wife to track my kid's medication
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    Beautiful habit and health tracker

    Panos S. made this product
    Today is a beautiful easy to use and versatile habit tracking app that lets you build a unique dashboard for each habit, made of cards that offer the functionality you need to track the habit efficiently in a data-rich context.
  16. Nolimit AppBest Goal Setting and Tracking App · Written
    NoLimit-app - Best Goal setting app and goal tracking app help you find the time and road towards your goals in life, using proven quality management tools used for years in businesses mended to suit personal development. With this goal tracking app, you can become a better you. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/... and https://play.google.com/store/ap...
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    The app for getting your life together

    Cristian MoiseiProduct Designer & iOS Developer · Written
    Cristian Moisei made this product
    A new kind of productivity app to help you tackle your toughest and most ambitious goals, explore new ideas and make difficult decisions
  18. Terry XuCuely | ex: Notarize, Twitter · Written
    Terry Xu made this product
    Mindful Goals is a distraction-free mindset, habit, and goal tracker app for iOS and Android. It is meticulously designed to allow users to track new year resolutions, receive daily positive reinforcements, form new habits, and achieve their goals.