Anthony Da Mota
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What is the best website or app to find somewhere to travel?

Sometimes that I want to travel, I need to go to a lot of websites, blogs and Facebook groups to know where I can go within my budget. Sometimes I want to visit monuments, but sometimes I just want to go to the beach (I live in Paris). Any suggestion? :)
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  1. Bianca Landis
    Bianca LandisLooking for awesome products! · Written
    I love this app, because it gives you suggestions, but you can add things to it as well. Hope it helps!
  2. 2
    DESTIGOGO | Travel tool

    Discover the best travel destinations based on your budget!

    FutiProduct Hunt YYC · Written
    Great user interface and lets you get straight to the point. Add your budget, Holiday duration and your good to go!
    • Antoine Frédéric
      Antoine Frédéricproductivity expert

      Destigogo could be a powerful tool to find travels for a cheap price. But unfortunaly, the website is full of bugs, like EVERYWHERE. That's horrible.

      - The header with the logo is too large, so it's impossible to use the buttons ... I needed to delete the code for the header by inspecting the elements (right click)

      - Can't see the results for the changed date. When I change the date, it finds many destinations but i can't close the window ... REALLY ???

      - Same thing for the duration of the travel. There are results, but I can't see them because of the window ...


      So please, if you care about Destigogo do something about those bugs !! Your tool is totally useless at this moment because of them.

  3. Adelina M
    Adelina MFounder & product manager · Written
    Adelina M made this product
    This app will help you find travel inspiration, book train tickets and activities in one shot, without having to search on various blogs and websites. You input your budget, what you would like to do and when you would like to go on vacation and it gives you the options that match your search criteria and tells you what can you do once you arrive at the destination.
  4. 1

    Travel spontaneously within a budget

    ItaiSagiMaker of stuff · Written
    ItaiSagi made this product
    This is exactly why we built wander, to help you find travels withing your budget, flights and hotels included