Tyler Lunceford
Tyler LuncefordOffice of the CEO - Apttus

What's the best way to schedule meetings?

Looking for best tools in the calendar appointment automation category
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    Simple, beautiful scheduling.

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan Hoover83Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    It depends on your use case. Calendly is the best tool for scheduling a meeting with groups of people. Tell it what dates/times you're available, how much time (e.g. 30 minutes) you have for each meeting, and send a link to the appropriate people. They can select a slot and Calendly will add it to your calendar immediately. This tool isn't ideal for scheduling ad-hoc meetings via email though. Clara or x.ai are better for that.
    • Arti Villa
      Arti VillaCreative Technologist & Engineer.

      If I have several google calendars (work, personal, company), I have to use create a new Calendly account per calendar, create a team feature and then merge. I think this use case isn't an edge case at all.

      I also want to be able to scroll /highlight entire sections that are open to public to setup meetings, not show all non-booked spots as open. So the visual experience of picking open slots can be better.

    • Use it weekly.

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    Mixmax Calendar

    The fastest way to schedule meetings with anyone, anywhere

    Mixmax is an awesome gmail plugin for enhancing your inbox. They recently launched a fantastic meeting scheduling feature.
    Dre Durr💡
    Dre Durr💡Growth is the only thing that matters · Written
    Love minmax
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    Schedule in seconds all within email

    integrated with your gmail
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    Doodle simplifies scheduling.

    Simple. Free.