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What's the best screen recorder for Mac?

I'm looking to make a cool demo for my product (Chrome Extension) and easily edit an enjoyable video.
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    Comes packed in with Mac OS and comes with screen recording capabilities. You can record a full screen or select a portion of your screen by drawing a box around the content you want to capture.
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    Capture your screen

    Bu Kinoshitasoftware engineer · Written
    I've been using Kap for a while. Really awesome what the open source community is doing around it. I love it, pretty simple and easy to use. You can export as MP4, Gif and WebM. Gifs in 15 or 30 frames. Free! Worth a shot.
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    NasirTechnical Consultant · Written
    Camtasia gives you so much options to edit personalize the recorded video and also you can record voice and webcam alongside the mail screen recording task. You can read the post on top 8 screen recorder for mac here http://www.hawkdive.com/2017/08/...
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    The New Camtasia
    Michel RijndersChanging business · Written
    I love Camtasia. Easy to use for beginners, full featured video capturing and editing. Camtasia comes with a price. Snagit (same company) has less features and lower price.