Joe GoldsteinDirector of SEO at Contractor Calls

Is there an app that lets you sell your time for one-on-one video coaching sessions?

An auto mechanic I know wants an app that will let people get one-on-one coaching and advice while trying to do their own DIY repairs. Basically it should work like FaceTime (or just integrate with it), accept credit cards, and charge by the minute. Is there already an app like that out there?
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    Clarity 2.0

    Make faster & better decisions to grow your business

    Bryant HawthorneCEO, Spotted Places · Written
    I have heard success stories coming from this on both sides.
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  2. Paul MartensThe golden rule applies to design · Written
    Praxey is a web and smartphone video and audio calling app. It enables a person to make PAID audio or video calls that ring directly on another person's smartphone.
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    Instant coaching for any goal

    DavisFounder at Flowhance · Written
    Here you go!