Joshua DanceEngineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker

What is the best way to put voting links in an email?

Something like: Click this link for "Yes". Click this link for "No". Can't be an embed code since some emails clients don't render those or block them. Just want a way to tie links to a specific answer on a specific survey.
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  1. 13

    Get more customer feedback with simple one-click/NPS surveys

    Assaf HaskiGrowth Strategist | Startup Advisor · Written
    Ya welcome.
  2. 8

    Instant scheduling, tracking, templates, polls in Gmail

    Chris Messina11Product designer & entrepreneur · Written
    Mixmax offers a great tool for sending out polls via Gmail.
    Dhananjay YadavGrowth Hacking and Performance Marketing · Written
    Even I prefer Mixmax, it is the best tool for sending polls.
    Kesava Mandiga13Curious cat. Writer. Explorer. · Written
    A recent discovery, MixMax is a monster when it comes to suoercharging email. Polls, buttons, calendars... It has everything. Works only on Gmail though. 👌
  3. 7

    Send one-click email surveys for instant feedback, pre-launc

    Graham Campbell4🚀 new ventures, faster · Written
    Joshua, last time I used ClickInsights it was for exactly the use case you've outlined: click-able text survey/voting. Hope this helps!
  4. 2
    Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM)

    Run well-targeted email campaigns with Gmail & Google Sheets

    LathaAnnurSubramanimGrowth marketing consultant · Written
    Very simple poll feature, comes with a mail merge utility! It works for just one question. You can ask a quick question in your email like - 'are you planning to come for the party?', 'which one would you prefer?',...). The clicks over Yes/No responses are aggregated in Google Spreadsheets.
  5. Brian SanchezOps, Marketing, Customers at Parabola · Written
    The sake store that I frequent uses this one - it takes the embedded route, which I have never had a problem with. Actually lets you write your response in email - super sleek.
  6. 1
    Survicate 2.0

    The fastest way to collect feedback from customers

    Marta KaczmarekCommunity & PR Manager · Written
    Survicate provides in-message solution which allows you to send surveys via email. There is a free plan available and a big integrations marketplace.