Lawrence Ning
Lawrence NingCo-founder, PhD student

What's the best diary tool you have ever used?

I am using Day One and Bear for my daily thought writing and diary. Are there any alternatives I could explore further?
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    Day One 2.0

    Ground-up rewrite of the best journal for Mac and iPhone

    Tracy Marshall
    Tracy MarshallConnecting One Dot at A Time · Written
    2nd that emotion. Not only that. It works with IFTTT. So you can email in our journal entry.
    I love the way Day One has grown over the years as well. They went from a straight journaling app to integrating your photos, the places you've been, and even ways to share the stories you write (the non-private ones). The searching and organizing features are great as well.
    Build Habits
    Build HabitsGet addicted to building habits! · Written
    Day One makes it really easy to add a new entry as a thought comes to mind which I really like. Tagging also makes it easy to find things that I'd otherwise lose. Perhaps most importantly though, syncing across devices is key because I'm constantly switching devices.
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    The 5-Minute Journal
    It is simple and gets more out of my head in less time. I use it's format with Day One App.
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    Call Frank

    Get a call every night to record feedback on your day.

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan HooverFounder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund · Written
    Call Frank is very different from other diary apps. Once you signup, you set a time of day you want Frank to call you (yes, on your 📞). When you pickup the phone, talk and it will record the audio privately. It's a super simple way to record your diary audibly and in 60 seconds.
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    Product Hunt + Baron Fig Notebook

    A limited edition notebook for makers

    I like to recommend a good old fashioned notebook to anyone interested in alternatives to journaling apps. Don't get me wrong, I make an entry into my DayOne journal every day. The two of the reasons why I like analog journaling is that it let's me unplug from technology during the day. I'm connected to my phone, tablet, and whatever else pretty much from the time I wake up in the morning and then on throughout the day. It's just nice to set all of that aside and write in my notebook. The other reason why I like writing is that I used to have really nice penmanship, but that went away after college because I spend so much more time typing and less time writing. I'm honestly disgusted with how sloppy my handwriting is now. It's just good practice for me to have writing that doesn't look like a Frank Gehry sketch.
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    Bullet Journal

    An analog note-taking system for the digital age

    Calvin Arellano-Chua
    Calvin Arellano-ChuaFinance Associate, TD Bank · Written
    Bullet Journal. A bit analog, but I like the process of writing things down. Also, the combination of modules, migration, and Index/Future Log/Month Log/Daily Log work well together. Bonus: You end up with a nice collection of journals.
    Jose Niño Pérez
    Jose Niño PérezData, Tech and Social Science · Written
    Really nice process for those of us who enjoy ink and paper.
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    Moleskine Notebook
    When the lightbulb goes on, but you're out and about, Bear is where it's at. That app is great. When you want to sit down, really journal your day and drain the brain: classic pen and paper. Not just any paper, though, but Moleskine paper. Something about the notebook's binding and the paper's feeling of fluidness when ink moves on it makes it so satisfying to write in. It's the best diary tool because I'm able to express without thinking, and do it consistently.
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    Robert Mayer
    Robert MayerDesigner & Maker · Written
    It looks cool and it's something I find myself returning to regularly.
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    Cards for Instagram

    Explore Instagram with Tinder styled cards & geo search

    Shashwat Pradhan
    Shashwat PradhanCEO/Founder @emberify · Written
    Shashwat Pradhan made this product
    If you're looking for customisation, check out Journaly!
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    Grid Diary 2

    A journal system designed for self-growth & mindfulness

    Francesco D'Alessio
    Francesco D'AlessioThe Productivity App Guy · Written
    Easily the best way to capture diary thoughts by asking you custom questions.
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    Momento 3 for iOS
    Noah Mittman
    Noah alumnus · Written
    It *was* Momento, until it stopped being a pure journal + social aggregator in 3.0 and turned into this strange visual browser where every retweet became a giant photo that drowned out your own original content.
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    Frequent repetitive reminders, with natural language

    Horea Burca
    Horea BurcaCo-Founder, · Written
    Horea Burca made this product
    We're trying a slightly novel approach to journaling with Perspective... we're putting things into context. We want people to know how they feel along the way and give them a personal space where they can reflect back on things and become more aware and mindful.