Which iPhone apps do you most want available on iPad?

Sometimes you use an Android phone and cannot use iOS apps on your tablet iPad. You need to buy an additional iPhone to use an iOS app. Sad!
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    Instagram 8

    A new look for Instagram

    It would be nice to have an iPad app like Facebook.
    I've been wanting a native Instagram app for years now. I can't think of any reason why this doesn't already exist.
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    WhatsApp Desktop

    WhatsApp, now on your desktop

    It needs to chat with family members on big screen.
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    CrunchBase iOS App

    The best way to get the latest business information

    I would like to use the Crunchbase app on iPad instead of reading email newsletters or on browser.
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    Facebook Ads Manager iOS

    Manage and create Facebook Ads on the go

    Why it doesn't have an iPad app for businesses?
  5. Okay, I'm cheating a little since a native Youtube ipad app already exists. The reason why I'm mentioning it is that I think the tablet experience should split the difference between what you get on the phone and the desktop. The current ipad experience is more or less a larger phone experience. Above all else, the one thing I want the most is a grid view like on desktop.
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    How I Travel

    Meet the world's most interesting travelers.

    vanphongthamtuuytinCông ty Thám Tử TNT · Written
    Travel very great. I hope i can go to everywhere in the word