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Alexander KehayaEntrepreneur / BD at Orchid Labs

What are the best Open Source tools for growth hacking?

I'd love to build a list of Open Source tools that could be used to help drive revenue/user growth for any web or mobile application. Please recommend your favorite open source tools and link to the Git repo. How would you use this tool to drive growth?
4 recommended
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    Frictionless Signup by Segment & Clearbit

    Magically autofill forms and improve conversions

    Bryan M. BlanchotMarketing Technologist from the Gen Z Β· Written
    Frictionless Signup is a great way to reduce cognitive load, by using and combining the powers of both Segment AND Clearbit you almost have an automated lead qualification machine
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    Hashtag suggestions for Instagram

    Francis KimFull Stack Human Β· Written
    Francis Kim made this product
  3. Alan O' RourkeInterim Chief Marketing Officer Β· Written
    Great, robust blogging and content management system with an extensive plugin library to use it for many types of websites and apps.
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    Free, open source, marketing automation Highrise alternative

    Alan O' RourkeInterim Chief Marketing Officer Β· Written
    Awesome alternative to Marketo and others.