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Alexander KehayaEntrepreneur / BD at Orchid Labs

What are the best Open Source tools for growth hacking?

I'd love to build a list of Open Source tools that could be used to help drive revenue/user growth for any web or mobile application. Please recommend your favorite open source tools and link to the Git repo. How would you use this tool to drive growth?
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    Frictionless Signup by Segment & Clearbit

    Magically autofill forms and improve conversions

    Bryan M. BlanchotMarketing Technologist from the Gen Z Β· Written
    Frictionless Signup is a great way to reduce cognitive load, by using and combining the powers of both Segment AND Clearbit you almost have an automated lead qualification machine
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    Hashtag suggestions for Instagram

    Francis KimFull Stack Human Β· Written
    Francis Kim made this product
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    Free, open source, marketing automation Highrise alternative

    Alan O' RourkeInterim Chief Marketing Officer Β· Written
    Awesome alternative to Marketo and others.