Santiago Pliego
Santiago PliegoUX Designer | co-founder @ConsignCloud

What's your favourite combo of apps to capture and edit GIFs on Mac?

Lately I've been using Quicktime + GIFBrewery 3 to capture and create GIFs of prototypes for clients. I'm not convinced it's the best approach. What do you use?
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    Giphy Capture

    Turn anything on your screen into a GIF!

    Jack Dweck
    Jack Dweck20Product Manager at Unroll.Me · Written
    This is the easiest way to capture, edit and share GIFs on Mac.
    Nick Nish
    Nick NishDeveloper and Product Lover · Written
    I use Giphy Capture for a quick gif, but if I need a really high fidelity or optimized gif, I capture it using Screenflow and edit it Photoshop to make it smaller. Check out these awesome posts about this process:
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    Capture your screen

    Björn A
    Björn A4🇳🇱 Founder of · Written
    With Kap you can capture your screen and save them as mp4 and gif.
  3. 3
    CloudApp 4.0

    Lightning fast media sharing and screengrabs

    Kate53Head of Social @ GitHub · Written
    I'm a HUGE fan of CloudApp. It's stupidly easy to use and all your GIFs and pics get stored in the cloud and can quickly and easily be downloaded and/or shared. I really don't bother with any other services anymore, as this takes care of it all.
    Jeremy Bauer
    Jeremy BauerWriter + Arts Instructional Designer · Written
    CloudApp is fast and easy to use. It's a simple tool that's easy to pick up and get started, but has a fairly robust feature set. The free plan offers 15 second recording, but they have other plans that offer more and are still cheap. Here's a short gif recording I made with it:
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    A faster way to take screencasts Free + GIF Support

    Sam Mogil
    Sam MogilProduct, SquadUP · Written
    I use this product every day, mostly for customer support gifs. Doesn't let you edit, but you can always save as a gif and then edit somewhere else. Hope that helps!
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    GIFMaker for Mac

    The easiest way to create a GIF on your Mac

    Sunil Neurgaonkar
    Sunil Neurgaonkar10Genius-Nerd-Entrepreneur-Philanthropist · Written
    Simple but more functional and customizable.
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    Super-simple screen recording tool that makes GIFs

    Jonathan Wilson
    Jonathan WilsoniOS Software developer · Written
    Jonathan Wilson made this product
    Records at 12fps and is designed for power users like developers or designers.
    • Always love a good gif recorder!! Once you have one you find more and more practical uses for it.

      For those of you on PC, is really great. It's portable and lets you annotate as well.