Pavel Fedorov
Pavel FedorovProduction Director at

What is the best tool for personal knowledge base?

I want to create personal knowledge base and trying Evernote, Simplenote, OneNote — some are too heavy and some too simple.
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    Take better notes, your way

    Ethan Benson
    Ethan BensonSoftware Developer · Written
    It took me a while to find an app that would let me store and manage articles, notes, documents, references and bookmarks with ease, and I've finally found a solution that seems to be working out so far. It's an app called NoteLedge and I've been using it for the last few months and now managing a large collection of notes, files and documents related to both my work and school is fairly straight-forward. All your stuff is in individual folders that are synced across your devices, which is both convinient and easy when you have to find something particular. I also use this app for creating notes and to-do lists, and it works well for both
    Harry Ryan
    Harry RyanFront-end Developer · Written
    I've used plenty of apps for managing my personal knowledge library/base, and so far NoteLedge is my favorite - I like how easy it is to work in it and that all my files go into individual folders that are easy to browse and to manage. I have it on all my devices and use it daily.
    Anthony Powell
    Anthony PowellQA Manual Engineer from Germany · Written
    I recommend this app - I use it for managing my personal knowledge library, storing all kinds of documents, media files and bookmarks/references. It's not complicated and I beleive people of all ages would benefit from using it for managing their library and taking notes.
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    Part knowledge base, part collaboration space 🧠

    I'm using Nuclino for this. Easy, nice, FREE. :)
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    Founder Content

    World’s biggest curated list of resources for founders ❤️

    Nick Timms
    Nick Timms🏋️ Drag, 🚀 Whoisvisiting, 💭 more on site · Written
    Nick Timms made this product
    Awesome layouts inside Gmail. Kanban, shared inbox :)
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    One combined workspace. All of your team documentation.

    Thomas DIDIER
    Thomas DIDIERHead of Marketing · Written
    It has a light editor with channels to organize content. Perfect tool to consolidate a knowledge base. It works great for teams, too.
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    An all-new Intercom

    A bold aesthetic. Simplified navigation. Faster workflows.

    Malin Andersson
    Malin AnderssonFounder & · Written
    A bit pricy, but very well structured and easy to use.
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    Additor beta

    Pocket and Evernote got a minimal and collaborative baby

    And maybe you wanna have a look at this as well? Looks promising. 🤓
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    Software for better customer service.

    Malin Andersson
    Malin AnderssonFounder & · Written
    Also easy to use, looks nice and gives you a good structure, base subscription €5/month should be sufficient.
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    Dropbox Paper

    Collaboration tool built for teams

    Definitely give it a try. I'm using it for my team wiki after using MS Word, Evernote, Quip, Google Docs. Effortless to write down and available on all platforms. Hyperlink previews are awesome.
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    ProProfs Knowledge Base
    Brayn Wills
    Brayn WillsKnowledge Base Manager · Written
    I recommend you to try ProProfs Knowledge Base software. It’s easy to use and offers a variety of features that help you bring all your content on one platform. Both personal and public knowledgebase can be built easily with this tool. I am personally quite happy with the product. I wanted to have my own personal content library that I can refer to anytime while working on projects, and this tool has made it possible.