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What's the best wish list tool?

Looking for a wish list tool to capture and up vote my users wishes. What are your favourites?
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    Maître Viral Referral Waiting List

    Create a viral waiting list in 60 seconds

    Matthew EisnerAnalytics, Growth, Marketing, & Ops · Written
    Very useful, easy set up, low cost
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    All your wishes in a single sharable link

    Lee BellonFounder Wishfinity, WishExpress... · Written
    Lee Bellon made this product
    Wishfinity allows consumers to maintain a centralized wishlist of all the things they want regardless of a particular retailer, brand, or seller.
    Stephanie Katcher360º Marketing for Innovative Brands · Written
    One list to manage with privacy settings and sharable functions per entry. Use it like a link tree if you have multiple lists elsewhere (Amazon, Coda, individual retailers, etc.) For influencers use your referral or short-links to track the shares instead of upvotes.
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    Capture ideas, things to do and places to see

    It's a more general app but still can be used for wishlist
  4. Danbee Leeco-founder & CEO of WISHUPON · Written
    Danbee Lee made this product
    It's a universal wishlist app for shoppers! It allows people to save products from several online stores and get sale alerts! If someone want to create a shopping wish list, I recommend WISHUPON 💫
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    Amazon - Your Ideas List

    Amazon lists meets Pinterest

    Gaurav AgrawalCoder, Thinker, Curious observer · Written
    You can create Ideas and Publish them, Add your friends, Create a Public and private wish list.
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    Shopping made fun

    Wanja AramMarketing Manager at LYNX Germany · Written
    Create Wish Lists and share them with Friends
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    The best way to collect, rank, and act on customer feedback

    Anneliese HerbosaHyperconscious consumer · Written
    They've got a user-facing voting system that allows users to submit their product ideas, other users to up/downvote, and moderators to update on status. I haven't used it in a while (used it at my previous workplace) but it sounds like it has what you're looking for.
  8. Tatiana FedorovaFounder of Gooddler, CEO of AmBAR · Written
    Gooddler is a great wish list tool for nonprofits and charities. Very useful, easy setup, free.
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    Gift Hero

    The best wish list ever

    Rebecca LongMarketing & Content @ Gift Hero · Written
    Gift Hero is easy to use, intuitive and allows you to add anything from anywhere.
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    Create wonderful wish lists and receive better gifts

    Matt BucklandWeb Developer from the UK. · Written
    Matt Buckland made this product
    It's simple to use and quick to set up.
  11. Diana ZinkFounder, DoerHub · Written
    DreamList is private, family-friendly, and truly universal. It is not tied to a retailer, so you can add the lowest price items from anywhere (and link your other wish lists and registries). It lets you manage wish lists together with your spouse or team for Birthdays, Christmas and other Holidays, Baby Showers for little ones, etc. (very very handy for parents, charity gift drives, and disaster recovery teams). More importantly, you can add large items and dreams you are saving towards such as a big trip to Disney, or 529 plans, so on special occasions family can contribute small amounts to help little ones get there sooner.
  12. Tommy B.Interested in new media · Written
    No registration or login required. Very easy to use. You can share your wish list via e-mail, twitter, whatsapp or facebook.