Allan CaegFounder,

What's a clean & modern Wordpress theme... with large community support?

I've been enjoying the X by Themeco as: - It has a large, active ecosystem (from support to integrations) - Its development is very active - It respects WP standards, not adding bloated theme-specific admin tools Unfortunately, the CSS is showing age. It's not the clean, minimalistic, and modern design that you'd expect in 2017. This includes buttons, spacing, heading styles, forms, how widgets look, etc. LayersWP is perfect in terms of the design and the product itself... but as a business owner DIYing my WP, I need a super active community, like the ones around X Theme or Divi. Was seriously considering Divi as well... but I find it hard to bare with its heavily custom admin, not feeling at home with WP. I'd say the same about the likes of Avada. What theme would you recommend that's similar to X in terms of the ecosystem and simplicity... but has modern aesthetics?
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  1. The team have set up an amazing suite of tools for modern WordPress development.