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Lawrence Ning
Lawrence NingCo-founder, PhD student

What is the best tool for making mind maps?

I'm looking for an mind map maker with the ability to attach notes and documents.
21 recommended
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    Taskade 3.0

    All-in-one collaboration. Chat, organize, get things done!

    Roger Lu
    Roger LuProduct Manager at TripAdvisor Β· Written
    Taskade's new Mind Map view that is perfect for note taking, managing tasks, and organizing everything in infinite nested tree hierarchy. It's also collaborative and super simple and flexible.
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    Create and share mind maps on mobile devices or the web

    James Brouard
    James BrouardFounder & Entrepreneur Β· Written
    It's super-easy and fast for creating mind maps of any sort, plus it has probably one of the nicest UI's I've seen on Mind mapping software.
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    Using this for two years and it is a very good product.
    Ruth Walker Biggerplate
    Ruth Walker BiggerplateCommunity Manager at Biggerplate.com Β· Written
    I agree, great tool for online collaboration and also personal use. At Biggerplate we take advantage of the ease of use and access even if we are all in different places. MindMeister made the top 5 for Best Mind Mapping Software in our Annual Mind Map (2016) survey. Our experience in events, meetings, webinars and other activities in 2016 suggests that MindMeister is one of the most highly regarded applications available, and one that seems certain to occupy at least a Top 5 place for the foreseeable future. Would recommend!
  3. 26

    The project management tool that grows with you

    Eric Ang
    Eric AngDigital Marketing Manager, O&C Resources Β· Written
    Thought Zenkit is not a full-fledged mind map software, it has an upper advantage against under tools as it consists of different views such as board, list & table. Start your project by brainstorming in mind map view, plan it through different stages via board view, list down the todos in list view and finally table out the details in table view - all within a unified tool - Zenkit.
  4. 33

    Collaborative, creative and intuitive mind mapping

    Joel Roberts
    Joel RobertsProject Manager Β· Written
    Excellent mind mapping solution for idea management. Best part: Interactive HTML mind maps that can be opened and edited with any browser. Also, you can create mind maps, concept maps and flowcharts too. Best value for money!
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    I love iMindQ software. It fits perfectly in my projects.
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    It offers the best value for money and has a great Mac OS X version which I currently use.
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    Radoslav Stankov
    Radoslav StankovHead of Engineering @ ProductHunt. Β· Written
    I really like this mind mapping application. It has sync, clients for macOS/iOS. Really simple and intuitive interface.
    Excellent stuff
    Giacomo Lawrance
    Giacomo LawranceAuthor of thenerdystudent.com Β· Written
    Mindnode is an awesome Apple app that really looks great. It also works really well.
  6. 11
    XMind for Mobile

    Mobile brainstorming and mind-mapping

    I'm mind mapping with XMind's free version. Love it. :)
    Ruth Walker Biggerplate
    Ruth Walker BiggerplateCommunity Manager at Biggerplate.com Β· Written
    I have been using Xmind for a few years now, and I find the tool very useful and easy to use. Continuing a 4 year climb up the annual rankings in the Biggerplate Annual Mind Map Survey, and gaining ground in vote %, XMind takes 3rd place for the first time this year. With the launch of XMind cloud in 2016 providing online editing and accessibility between devices, we expect XMind to continue challenging upwards during the rest of 2017.
  7. 6
    Coggle Flowcharts

    Simple beautiful collaborative flowcharts, from Coggle.

    Kavir Kaycee
    Kavir KayceeProduct person, Writer, No-code maker Β· Written
    Simplistic, web-based mindmaps tool.
  8. 6
    ConceptDraw MINDMAP v10

    Easy tool for mind mapping and data structuring (Mac/ PC)

    LOLOfreelancer Β· Written
    It is a nifty cross-platform tool with the best export/import capabilities.
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    Ruth Walker Biggerplate
    Ruth Walker BiggerplateCommunity Manager at Biggerplate.com Β· Written
    I see a lot more use of Concept Draw on the Biggerplate website! Despite being one of the least active/visible user groups and software formats on Biggerplate, ConceptDraw has maintained a consistent place in the Top 10 for four years in a row in our Annual Mind Map Survey (2016), and even moves up one place in the rankings this year! This suggests a strong core user group remains, despite the absence of mobile apps and web capabilities seemingly demanded by many of our survey participants!
  9. 4
    RealtimeBoard 2.0 (Miro since 2019)

    Web-based whiteboarding & team collaboration tool

    I haven't used it myself but it looks like a very complete product, with mobile apps & all.
    Harry Kaczka
    Harry KaczkaPro Poker Player, Coach, Human Sponge Β· Written
    Super robust product and I only just discovered it maybe a week ago, how?
  10. 4
    Mahir Yildirim
    Mahir Yildirim"Water, what is water?", asks the fish. Β· Written
    It is completely free with no costs attached to it whatsoever and it has a super easy mind map maker. But even better is the fact that MindMapNinja is a social network specifically created for mind maps.
    Mahir Yildirim
    Mahir Yildirim"Water, what is water?", asks the fish. Β· Written
    Mahir Yildirim made this product
    MindMapNinja is super-simple, a joy to use and 100% free. It is the first social networking site to create and share mind maps.
  11. 3
    Ian Mackenzie
    Ian MackenzieCustomer Path Β· Written
    It syncs flawlessly between all my devices. I use a Mac, iPhone and iPad and I can start a map on one device and pick it up on another. It's also available on Windows too. I have never had a problem or bug with this software and I've used it for years, so that tells you everything.
    Ruth Walker Biggerplate
    Ruth Walker BiggerplateCommunity Manager at Biggerplate.com Β· Written
    I'm a fan of the mind maps I see which are created using iThoughts. The software us back up in 4th place this year in our Annual Survey Best Mind Map Software results, with 7% of the votes! We expect the newly launched Windows version of this application to act as a disruptive influence in 2017, and help build upon the already strong following for this application among the Mac/iOS community.
  12. 3
    David Adamu
    David Adamudesigner of the future πŸ¦„βœ¨ Β· Written
    I have used Mindly before - Simple & Effective.
  13. 2
    Sketchboard for Slack

    Digital team whiteboard for visual communication on Slack

    Fabio Calefato
    Fabio CalefatoWill teach/code for food Β· Written
    The best-looking style for mind maps I've seen to date
  14. 2
    Text 2 Mind Map

    Make a dynamic mind map from a plaintext nested list

    Fabio Calefato
    Fabio CalefatoWill teach/code for food Β· Written
    The least sophisticated, yet the fastest for creating mind maps from plain text
  15. 3

    Personal assistant in achieving your goals.

    FarizaAdventurer of a lifetime 😎 · Written
    Fariza made this product
    I use it myself almost everyday. Simple UI, nice colors and free!
  16. 1
    Proper Channel
    samAssistant Principal. Father of twins. Β· Written
    Create amazing mind maps or flow charts. Embed media, share maps via url. One of my favorites.
  17. 1

    Free online mindmapping

    Fabio Calefato
    Fabio CalefatoWill teach/code for food Β· Written
    It's biggest perk is the integration with Google Drive for saving free, unlimited (so far) maps
  18. 1
    Creately 3.0

    The simplest way to visualize ideas, plans & processes

    Nishadha Silva
    Nishadha SilvaMarketer at Creately Β· Written
    It's a diagramming tool that supports mind maps. The mobile app is helpful when you want to view your diagrams on the go. The 1-click create feature will help you quickly come up with mind maps. For mind mapping specific features check out https://creately.com/Create-Mind... Disclaimer: I work for Cinergix, makers of Creately
  19. 1
    MindNode 5

    Visual brainstorming on your Mac, iPhone and iPad

    Because Simple and Fast
  20. 1
    Edraw Project

    An easy and powerful Gantt Chart tool for your projects

    Camp Olivia
    Camp OliviaLoving cool things in this world! Β· Written
    It seems to be a new one in the mind mapping software market, but it is really easy to use. Besides add attachments, notes, hyperlinks, external images etc., I can also quickly change different mind map theme, layout, or use the built-in tool to auto-create slides based on my current mind map for presentation. Other things I like the software including sharing freely on its online mind mapping community.