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What are alternatives for Atlassian Confluence?

With the wiki (page linking)+ability to transform pages to the .docx format?
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    One combined workspace. All of your team documentation.

    Laure Albouy
    Laure Albouy3marketing @ slite · Edited
    Laure Albouy made this product
    Slite is really a light-weight alternative to Confluence: it has all the crucial wiki and collaborative features but stays clutter-free and enjoyable for the entire team to use!
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    Part knowledge base, part collaboration space 🧠

    A minimalist, easy-to-use, and fast alternative. The UI is more intuitive and a lot less bloated. Doesn't need to be set up and is easy to maintain. Check it out:)
  3. Enterprising Josh made this product
    Best free Confluence alternative is Bitrix24. You can think of it as Confluence+HipChat+Jira in one -