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What are some of the most useful chat bots?

There are tons of bots on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, etc. What are the ones that you use everyday?
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    Remember the things you easily forget

    The issue with chat bots are that they are often used for novelty purposes/fun. For more practical uses, and something to keep coming back to, Wonder is awesome. Its available across Amazon Echo and Google Home now too. Well worth checking out!
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    A Slack bot to help humans become a better person

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan Hoover82Founder, Product Hunt Β· Written
    I use very few chat bots, like most people I think. There's a ton of experimentation in this space but most things are easier to do with a GUI. BUT, there's one Slack chat bot I use called Humblebot. Every morning at 6am it delivers a reminder to be kind and empathetic. A few of the things I've received in the past: "Value other people's time as much as your own." "Be positive today. One negative human can impact a whole team." "Make someone laugh today." Some might call it cheesy but these tiny messages can help shape your day and inspire positive actions.
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    Text RESIST to 50409 to contact your officials

    Kate53Head of Social @ GitHub Β· Written
    Resistbot is the f*cking BEST. With a few texts, you can get in touch with your Senators and send faxes to their offices. It's absurdly easy to use and crazy effective. I use it on a regular basis and it's super satisfying. Plus, the bot is super friendlyβ€” I always catch myself about to exchange pleasantries with a bot πŸ™ˆ
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    Karmabot Performance

    Better team culture on chats

    Stas Kulesh
    Stas KuleshCreative Director @ Β· Written
    Stas Kulesh made this product
    Karmabot is a great tool for keeping morale higher through micro-feedback, for distributing bonuses and rewards, for time-tracking, for profiling and performance reporting. Send ++ to anyone on your team. It works on Telegram, MS Teams and Slack. It supports HipChat Karma format. The team is robust and iterating daily.
  5. 7 for Telegram

    Automatically secure, moderate and grow Telegram communities

    Seth Louey
    Seth LoueyπŸ™Œ 2017 & 2016 Maker of the Year Nominee Β· Written
    Seth Louey made this product
    Disclaimer: I'm a founder of ChatMod and BotList. I use ChatMod the most for automating my communities on Telegram. There's just way too many spammers and scammers out there, so ChatMod was created to help with security as well as moderation.
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    Manage and cancel your paid subscriptions

    Honey Raj Varma
    Honey Raj VarmaRaj Ventures, R&Ds Β· Written
    AskTrim is a great service, helps you find out what subs you have, what you're paying extra for, etc.
  7. Ben Lang
    Ben Lang23Shipping Β· Written
    Spoke is super cool (prelaunch.) You can use it inside of a company via Slack or texting and it answers work related questions. Productivity ⬆️ πŸ’―
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    All-in-one chatbot for marketing and sales

    Abhilash Jain
    Abhilash Jain5Product Marketing / Growth Β· Written
    This is a amazing, it gives me concise information on the go and is really useful. I highly recommend you try it. I wrote a short blog some months ago on other bots as well, you can check these out too
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    Your personal chatbot factory

    Daria Zwierz
    Daria ZwierzOnline Community Enthusiast Β· Written
    It's a great tool for non-programmers.
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    ManyChat for Facebook Messenger

    Create a Messenger bot to engage your audience. No coding!

    Carlos Villaumbrosia
    Carlos VillaumbrosiaFounder of Product School Β· Written
    ManyChat is free for (I believe) the first 2000 leads or so. It's great to engage with people on Facebook. We often use it to deliver free resources to keep our followers happy. Say hi at
    • Alison T - sci
      Alison T - scicommunity manager

      I tried to deactivate ManyChat and although it says it's not on my business pages, my customers are STILL receiving messages. After contacting customer service and their messenger "bot" I still can't get anyone to write me back to help. I tried reaching out to the co-founder, so hopefully he can help. I'm very surprised I'm not seeing more posts of more unhappy customers.

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    Build conversational websites, convert more visitors

    Jiaqi Pan
    Jiaqi PanCEO at Β· Written
    Jiaqi Pan made this product
    Help to increase conversion rate in lead generation by engaging with customers.
    • John
      JohnPixel Lover & Product Designer

      My experience so far

      Sign up & onboarding

      - A sign up form would have been fine. I know it's trying to showcase the bot, but a form is much more efficient and in this case the UX was hindered.

      - Had to cycle through several usernames that were already taken. Don't seem to be used for a subdomain. Unclear why unique username required?

      - No way to relaunch the "onboarding wizard"

      Will update when I've worked with the actual product.

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    • This is not what it was designed for, but I'm even using Landbot to mock up the flow for non web-based chatbots. It's so easy to throw on a page and walk through with clients.

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    Kyber for Slack

    All-in-one Slack app: tasks, standups, polls, surveys & more

    Paolo Perazzo
    Paolo PerazzoBuilding products, enterprise & consumer Β· Written
    Paolo Perazzo made this product
    We built Kyber out of necessity: we spent quite some time discussing features or bugs on Slack, and then we had to move all that knowledge into an external project management tool to track action items coming out of those conversations. It was very time consuming and inefficient; the context of those decisions was lost and sometimes we even forgot to track the action items. Therefore, we decided to build a project management tool completely inside Slack. Overtime, we expanded that model to other interactions like polls, surveys, standup meetings, messages, etc. Finally with templates we enabled a variety of customizable and configurable micro-apps for common workflow automation. Now we use Kyber every day. Like us thousands of Slack teams.
    • used it while it was free. Couldn't talk myself into buying it for the team because we're not a remote group but I could see where it could get costly; at the same time I can also see it being effective and worth it for remote users.

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    • Roberto Mari
      Roberto MariHi-Tech Geek and PM

      Until now, I have been using Kyber with my team to track day by day tasks in each channel; I really like the ability to turn existing messages into tasks with actions. The new templates seem a game changer. I already setup a couple and the team immediately interacted.

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    And Chill

    Friendly bot that gives you amazing movie recommendations πŸ“½

    When I wasn't sure what to watch it gave suuuper good recommendations.
    Love And Chill!
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    Poncho Bot 2.0

    Get weather+horoscope updates with the most popular FB bot

    Stefan Theofilos
    Stefan Theofilos8Product Designer, Entrepreneur Β· Written
    Poncho is a great weather chatbot and is always up to date with new chatbot technology
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    Andy English Bot

    Learn and practice English with exercises, grammar and games

    can help you to Learn and practice English with exercises, grammar and games
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    Use Faceboook Messenger to gamify your customer loyalty.

    Nabeena M
    Nabeena MMarketing for AppInstitute & Soulscape Β· Written
    A very cool tool that uses Facebook Messenger to send loyalty reward offers to your customers.
    • Nabeena M
      Nabeena MMarketing for AppInstitute & Soulscape

      Such a cool tool for businesses. I've seen huge brands like Nike use chat bots to drive comms with their customers but their solution always seemed pretty basic and meh. I think adding something like a scratch card element makes loyalty a little more fun - could totally see this growing into a complete loyalty suite. Perfect for small businesses too who already use Facebook to promote deals.

      Great work!

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    • Ross Davies
      Ross DaviesManaging Director

      So far so good, installed onto a few clients sites who run shops/hairdressers and other small purchases sites, targeting through fb is a no brainer for their markets but using ChatWhale has made them different to their competition which is ace! Also been an easy sell as its free to start with until they get more numbers. Looking forward to seeing how it develops. 10/10 so far!

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    Live chat and live support for your product

    Sheejo George
    Sheejo GeorgeBusiness Development Manager @ AeroLeads Β· Written
    Crisp is the best tool to chat with your website visitors. It's also a great tool to convert your visitor into potential customers. I am part of we are using Crisp for a live chat since 2017, we have found it as a profound solution which bridges the gap between service provider and their customer.
  18. Prabhjot Singh
    Prabhjot SinghI am a Digital Marketing Executive Β· Written
    This can be suggested by me. There is an Intelligent Self Learning Chat-bot designed by Kochartech, that helps in making cha-bots and improve the customer engagement experience easier with their highly rated product. They are specialized in making chat-bots according to client need. You must have a look at it
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    Instantly monetize your Telegram channel/supergroup

    Alex Sideris
    Alex Sideris23 | Maker | Muay Thai fighter Β· Written
    Alex Sideris made this product
    I'm the founder of Telemonetize, so I'm naturally biased Telemonetize allows you to instantly turn your Telegram community into a subscription business The sweet thing is that you can charge in both normal currency and/or cryptocurrency (for crypto communities)
    • Sergio Abril
      Sergio AbrilFounder, nada studio

      I was working on a similar personal side project when I discovered Telemonetize, and I love the use of bots. The only thing I dislike about your product is that it's not mine :) (which is yet to be finished). Kudos πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

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    • Peter Thaleikis
      Peter ThaleikisDeveloper & Indie Hacker

      awesome! keep shipping :)

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  20. Alvaro Benitez
    Alvaro BenitezDirector and Co- Founder of Wannabot Β· Written
    Wannabot's user experience brings all the power to the service of non-technicians