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Duane Wilson✌️Product & Engineering @DeltaHandPies

What's the best replacement for Meetup?

I'm looking for a tool that let's me schedule regular IRL meet ups but also incorporates features from Eventbrite (ticket sales/free, different ticket classes (free, sponsor, etc) and the waitlist feature among others with a proper CRM and integrations into other tools like Mailchimp lists, Facebook, Slack etc. I would like the ability to talk to the members more easily, let them talk amongst themselves, schedule many groups from one interface... Meetup + Eventbrite + Social + Slack I guess ;D
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    Create the perfect event site

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan HooverFounder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund · Written
    While limited in functionality and integrations, Facebook Events is my favorite because it's easy to setup and has the widest distribution (e.g. our last Product Hunt event on Facebook reached over 200,000 people 😳). Since you're looking for something that offers more control, check out Splash. It supports all the features you're looking for along with a full dump of emails which you can import into MailChimp or other email tools to communicate with your guests.
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    The perfect tool for your free event.

    Sai shyam g
    Sai shyam gProduct @hiverhq · Written
    I love how easy it is to get started with attending and the ease to collate the list of attendees.
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    Cem Carak
    Cem CarakTech and Rock Music Lover · Written
    Cem Carak made this product
    This is the new thing in the corner. It helps you find out things happening around your location whether it's an art show, comedy, concert, restaurants, popup events, business events, all from one place. Then it matches you with others interested doing those same things as you. The best part is it uses a swipy interface like Tinder to show events so it's very fun, easy and convenient to find things happening.