Vikas JhaDigital Entrepreneur & Ex- VC

What are the best ways to launch a new product?

I'm looking for either a) tools that will help me gain initial 100 users or b) means that one should follow to reach scale
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    Product Hunt 4.0

    Now with Reviews, Badges, Web Links, and more ✨

    Nick Abouzeid36Words at Product Hunt ✌️ · Written
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    Community of makers & early adopters

    Gaurav Agrawal18Coder, Thinker, Curious observer · Written
    This is also a good community. Check it out.
  3. I'd recommend working on building up a following (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Medium). As you learn new things, write about them and share. As you do this, work on building up an email list of people who are interested in your work. There aren't really any "short cuts" to this. Keep pushing out free content + interacting with as many people as possible. It takes a lot of time, but after a while you'll build up a network of people (+ email lists) that will be there/interested in trying out anything new that you launch.
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    Start now and launch your page in minutes

    Britain GreenFront-end Developer, Iluminere · Written
    Connect your new users with a launch page that can utilize social media and email opt-ins.
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    Discover tomorrow's startups, today.

    Vinit Agrawal13Co-Founder at Tars ( · Written
    Great for a Beta launch of your product and to get your first 100 users. I would recommend to launch on PH (here) to get your next 400 users.
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    The easiest way to create marketing videos, from Slidely

    Tovah ColdhamCommunity Manager at Slidely · Written
    Great product to help you create videos you can use to on socials, websites, and landing pages to let your audience know you have a new product to offer.