Luka@lukaivicev - Co-Founder at Penta

What's a tool for mapping out processes?

Normally I use a MindMap like or PowerPoint, but I want something a bit more flexible for mapping out certain processes, like a decision tree, or steps to complete something. Does anyone have a tool in mind that does that well? Xcode does that pretty well on the Main Story Board, but I want something that's not Xcode (as I'm not mapping out an iOS app!) Thanks community :)
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    Create and share diagrams easily

    🎯Thorsten Strauss
    🎯Thorsten Strauss(digital) marketer and proud dad · Written
    Anders T.
    Anders T.Marketing & Design, GameAnalytics · Written
    Simple to work with, easy to share, and completely free!
  2. 30

    Instantly create precise, beautiful diagrams

    Chris Davis
    Chris DavisFounder, Data Davis · Written
    I saw this on the home page yesterday and it looks neat
  3. 27

    Create slick diagrams and collaborate with your team

    Flavius Matis
    Flavius MatisProduct designer @DiagramiqApp · Written
    Flavius Matis made this product
    You should try Diagramiq if you're looking for something intuitive and flexible but very powerful at the same time.
    • Mihai Chereji
      Mihai CherejiFront-end Dev, ClassOwl

      Have been using this ever since it got out of beta.

      Really intuitive and fast, just wish mindmapping was on the table.

      Overall, really recommend, especially when diagraming in a team.

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    The notes app for creative work

    DavisFounder at Digital Mix Agency · Written
    My favorite one overall is Milanote! Extremely simple UI, play with it for 10 minutes and you'll feel like you been using the app for years! I map all my processes there enoow
    • Sandra Niehues Guerra
      Sandra Niehues GuerraCo-Founder, PlanHappyAdvertising

      I'm a non-technical co-founder of an app to help small business plan and track all their advertising. I wear a lot of hats. I'm also a visual thinker.

      I need to spread things out and see how they all fit together. I need to be able to see the big picture and then dive into the details and I need to be able to do that fluidly and frequently on a variety of subjects. I really wanted to be able to use my entire screen real estate for this purpose.

      I remembered seeing Milanote on Product Hunt when it was an idea and not yet available. I signed up for it and happily paid for the upgrade. It's the perfect app for me and I use it every day.

      The feature I like best is being able to upload links for the content I curate. When I'm ready to learn about a subject, I have great content to choose from and a place to write down my thoughts. I can add images and notes and go from subject to subject. I can clear out my email fast and that is worth the money alone.

      I would suggest you try Milanote because it can make your life so much easier.

    • Johnyvino
      JohnyvinoHumanizing User Experience

      Love it in one day use, it give me everything. I m a designer i usually take lot of inspiration it helps me to put together all the inspiration and setup a mood board

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    The visual workspace for teams.

    Jeremy Kovac
    Jeremy KovacProduct · Written
    The simplest way to map out flows, wireframes.
    Shengyu Chen
    Shengyu Chen#BuildCreate;Move fast and make things · Written
    I have used this and the interaction/design is awesome but it limits the number of projects you can do, after that you'd have to pay for it so...
    • Seth Hawkins
      Seth HawkinsContent Marketing Manager, Vivint

      I've been looking for a tool like this for awhile that combines the ability to flowchart while also commenting on images and imported links. Everything works super quickly and the infinite whiteboard concept is slick.

    • Paweł Hawrylak
      Paweł HawrylakHead of Design at Monterail

      I used whimsical to create enormous, product flowcharts and it was a wondrous experience. Never before had I such a good, uninterrupted flow when creating something so complicated.

  6. LOLO
    LOLOfreelancer · Written
    I advise you should go for ConceptDraw Pro since it stands out as the best desktop app for its variety of business process templates - flowcharts.
  7. sam
    sam3Assistant Principal. Father of twins. · Written
    Create interactive flow charts. Its free. Capture group knowledge and embed the resources necessary to get the job done. One of my favorites.
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    Software For Projects

    Every project, task & business management tool in one place

    Rich Peterson
    Rich PetersonFounder @ Generous Work · Written
    Rich Peterson made this product
    We recently added a BPM section where you can map out and automate your processes. For a non-automated option, check out Exobrain.
  9. Has plenty of frameworks to choose from. Far nicer alignment options than PowerPoint. Negative is that you have to pay for it.
  10. 2

    Easily draw diagrams & collaborate with others online

    Intuitive and collaborative
    • ra.v.g

      I'm using Lucidchart to create figures (system architectures, concepts) for professional technical documentation (aerospace sector).

  11. Harjot Singh
    Harjot SinghFood and Travel Enthusiast · Written
    Enterprises nowadays are leveraging retail analytics solution to figure out and solve the gaps in processes. I have recently viewed one case study which shows how retail analytics solution helped leading brand to achieve desired SoP adherence. I have shared the link. You can check and explore.
  12. Vlad Ionescu
    Vlad IonescuGrowth Marketing, UiPath · Written
    If you want to document online processes this tool is great. Takes a screenshot for each step and you can comment, edit, etc.. Great for creating guides, training employees, business processes.
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    Sketch library for user flows/content maps/annotations

    Matt D. Smith
    Matt D. SmithDesign Director, Studio Mds · Written
    Matt D. Smith made this product
    I'm biased (because I made it) but from a designer's perspective this is my go to tool for mapping out high-level flows. Tons of pre-made components and blocks in a reusable library for Sketch and Figma.
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    RealtimeBoard 3.0

    Enhanced whiteboard. Your guide to the future of teamwork

    Angela Jeffrey
    Angela JeffreyProject Lead and Chief Engineer @ Kelvin · Written
    Our design head introduced me to Realtime board as a tool for mapping out processes - and I've used it to make decision trees and site maps. I love how collaborative it is as well - two people can work together. It's also great for mind mapping and brainstorming.
    • Melissa Ng
      Melissa NgFounder of Product Design Studio, Melewi

      Such a huuuuuuuge fan! I use RealtimeBoard for so many things - both in and out of work. From client projects to internal business planning to operation processes to personal planning, I can't stop raving about how much I love RTB to everyone I know. I'm also super impressed by the constant product iterations and feature updates that are constantly being released. Bravo, awesome work guys, I'm absolutely gushing but it's well deserved.

    • Rico Trevisan
      Rico TrevisanApostle of Broadband Jesus

      For me, Realtime Board has beautifully united:

      + loose sticky notes

      + 3M's sticky notes scanning app

      + project management tools (Asana, Trello)

      + diagram tools (, Visio)

      + clipboard tools (Evernote, Google Keep)

      Works wonderfully on a touch-screen Chromebook.

  15. Kireeti Varma
    Kireeti VarmaCo-founder of @TymlineCo. · Written
    You can jot down your processes in a timeline/ threaded format and keep the links as a reference. For example: You can create as the profile which contains all the processes for your team to refer and you create multiple process timelines like, etc
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    Powerful free app for generating high-quality diagrams

    Adam Miller
    Adam MillerTech, business & design consultant · Written
    This is a great tool for process design and mapping. Lots of built in assets, plus some very powerful dependency mapping functionality. I use this all the time