Luka@lukaivicev - Co-Founder at Penta

What's a tool for mapping out processes?

Normally I use a MindMap like or PowerPoint, but I want something a bit more flexible for mapping out certain processes, like a decision tree, or steps to complete something. Does anyone have a tool in mind that does that well? Xcode does that pretty well on the Main Story Board, but I want something that's not Xcode (as I'm not mapping out an iOS app!) Thanks community :)
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    Create and share diagrams easily

    🎯Thorsten Strauss(digital) marketer and proud dad · Written
    Anders T.Marketing & Design, GameAnalytics · Written
    Simple to work with, easy to share, and completely free!
  2. 2

    Instantly create precise, beautiful diagrams

    Chris DavisFounder, Data Davis · Written
    I saw this on the home page yesterday and it looks neat
  3. LOLOfreelancer · Written
    I advise you should go for ConceptDraw Pro since it stands out as the best desktop app for its variety of business process templates - flowcharts.
  4. sam3Assistant Principal. Father of twins. · Written
    Create interactive flow charts. Its free. Capture group knowledge and embed the resources necessary to get the job done. One of my favorites.